3 Hair Growth Hacks You Haven’t Tried

You’ve tried it all in the name of longer, lusher locks – the potions, the healthy, protein-packed diet, the careful brushing (when dry, not wet!) the loving TLC – or have you? Add these hair-lovin’ hacks to your arsenal, stat.

1) Get Upside Down

Yes, really – it’s time to bust out some yoga moves in the name of your hair. We’re talking inversion poses – aka the ones that involve being upside down – think downward dog, shoulder stand or headstand if you can manage it. Or, if you prefer your beauty routine without a side of acrobatics, keep it simple with a standing forward fold (that’s where you stand up, then bend over to try and touch your toes). By boosting the blood flow to your head, getting topsy-turvy daily will improve your scalp health, thereby creating the perfect foundation for optimal hair growth. 

2) Ditch Your Linen Pillowcases

We know, they go with the sheets and are oh-so cosy, but your cotton or linen pillowcases aren’t helping you kick your hair goals. The reason being, the more texture a fabric has, the more friction it’ll create with your hair while you lay there tossing and turning – and this can lead to breakage. So, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase for a super smooth surface that won’t mess with your strands while you snooze. Bonus: it’ll keep the bedhead look to a minimum.

3) Skip The Trim

If you really loved your hair, you’d dutifully skip off to the hair salon every six weeks to get her cut, right? Well, that’s what we’ve all been told – but if you keep your strands in tip-top condition (we’re talking strong and full of moisture) you’ll keep those pesky split ends at bay longer – and can go longer between trips to the salon. Bonus: hair treatments like our Rapid Repair Serum are way cheaper than a trip to your hairdresser, so your bank account will applaud, too.

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  • Jasmin Maksimovic

    I have tried step 1 and 2 without any success. I trim my own hair anyway and never get split ends. Nothing works for me. I’ve tried everything to keep my hair from Falling out. I’ve given up. I wear wigs and hair toppers now when you go out. Otherwise I’m always wearing a hat.

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