5 Reasons You Need An Activated Charcoal Face Mask

If you’ve so much as opened Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed that charcoal face masks are a thing. Haven’t tried one yet? This is one bandwagon you need to get on. Read on for the low-down on activated charcoal – and why you might just need some on your face, asap.

Where does it come from?

Here at Bondi Boost, we love a beauty product that derives its benefits from nature, and this one is just that – activated charcoal is a fine black powder that’s typically derived from heating natural sources, such as wood.

Why charcoal?

If you’re wondering why this particular natural ingredient is making its way onto everyone’s faces right now (what happened to the humble avocado face mask?!) it’s largely thanks to the fact that activated charcoal is super absorbent. This means that it binds to particles and molecules, allowing them to be easily removed from whatever surface it’s placed on. (In fact, it’s even used in hospital emergency rooms to treat poisoning or overdoses).

It follows that, when used in the form of a face mask, activated charcoal leads to a whole host of benefits your skin will love, including: 

1) Removes toxins

Activated charcoal works to draw toxins, bacteria and dirt to the surface of the skin. Then, when you rinse off your mask, this allows these nasties to be removed from where they don’t belong (i.e. on your gorgeous face). 

3) Reduces pore size

Ever felt like you’re seeing craters in the mirror? Enlarged pores can happen more as we age, and if you’re genetically prone, this is even more likely. A charcoal mask can work to cleanse and decongest your pores, which can help reduce their size.

2) Absorbs excess oil

If you suffer from oily skin, you’ll know those good skin days can feel few and far between. Yep, there’s nothing like the feeling of turning down an invite because you just need to hide out in the dark until you feel presentable again (we’ve all been there!). Happily, your charcoal face mask, when used regularly – we recommend twice weekly for best results – can help mop up excess oil 

4) Improves acne

Skin acne is typically caused by bacteria getting trapped inside your pores, leading to redness and inflammation (yep, those un-fun bumps all over your pretty mug). As we mentioned above, applying activated charcoal to your skin works to clean out your pores, and reduces oiliness, both of which will also help control any acne issues.

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