6 Hair Fails We’ll Never Make Again

We’ve all been there – a friend posts pics from Saturday night and you’re horrified to see your face smiling back at you beneath a frizzy, lank, noticeably thin mane of hair. Now, once you’ve made sure the people of Instagram and Facebook won’t be subjected to seeing this any longer (thanks, ‘friend’!) it’s time to set about addressing your hair situation.

Whether you thought your strands were under control when you stepped out the door, you know you haven’t been giving them enough TLC of late, or you’ve just become so accustomed to the topknot fix that you haven’t actually properly addressed the condition of your hair for too long, there are easy tweaks you can make to help her back to her glorious best self.

Because, from the way you tie up your hair to your shampoo, often it’s a simple habit in your daily routine that makes all the difference between ‘blah’ and babin’. Behold the six hair fails to banish from your life for better hair days (and less cringey pics on social). 

  1. Wearing A Too-Tight Pony

Hairstyles like tight ponytails, up-dos or braids can put stress on your strands and cause hair loss. Yep, there’s even an official scientific name - traction alopecia – for hair loss brought on by regular, consistent pulling at the hair roots. So, go easy next time you pull out the hair tie.

  1. Brushing It When It’s Wet

Just like that piece of paper you spilt your coffee on that’s now tearing apart into pieces at the slightest touch, your hair is similarly prone to breakage when wet. So if you want to maintain your haircut and keep your mane as thick and voluminous as possible, put down the brush until your hair is dry.

  1. Using Shampoo Containing Sulphates 

Sulphates are known to strip the natural oils from your hair, which, we can all agree, won’t help you in your quest for great hair. The products you use to care for your hair (and the ingredients inside them) are super important – so be sure to check the label and only choose paraben-free shampoo and conditioner.

  1. Chemical Straightening

Just like your mama said, when it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Chemical straightening promises you the smoothest, sleekest hair going round – but the thing is, this process actually damages the hair shaft, which is most certainly not a good look. 

  1. Skipping Your Heat Protectant

We know, you’re not ready to leave the house with an air-dried mane just yet (in case you are – in which case, we salute you, lady). We know you also know that regularly styling your hair with heat tools is a fast-track to damaged, dry, thinning locks. So, short of binning your GHD, stay in the good books of the hair gods above by never, ever (we repeat: never!) skipping this crucial step. A good heat protectant spray will do an absolute world of good by helping to soothe previous heat-induced damage, and protecting your hair next time you pull out the curling wand.

  1. Getting Too Hot ‘n’ Heavy

If your hair is dry, brittle or static-y and there seem to be flyaways everywhere, be sure you’re not ending your getting-ready routine with a blast of heat from your blow-dryer. Instead, to help smooth down your strands by closing the cuticles, apply a hit of cool air from your blow dryer once you’ve finished styling your hair.

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