6 Ways To Fix Frizzy Hair

“I love it when my hair gets all frizzy,” said no girl, ever. If your hair’s all brittle, static-y and generally poking up here, there and everywhere – in other words, approximately nothing like the sleek, smooth look you’re coveting – scroll on.

If you’ve wondered, “Why is my hair so frizzy?”, we’re here to tell you there are a few common causes for locks that just won’t be tamed. Frizz is often caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, which can happen if it’s not receiving the TLC it deserves. This condition can also often be triggered by humidity (hello, cray cray hair in those pics from your Bali trip) or heat damage from styling with your blow dryer, straightener or curling wand. 

So, what’s a girl to do? Read on for our six fixes, then hunt down a mirror, pronto to admire your new smooth-as hair.  

  1. Use A Sulphate-Free Shampoo

So, you’ve probably cottoned onto the fact that sulphates are the baddies when it comes to the ingredients list on the back of your shampoo bottle. But, what does this have to do with taming your mane in time for Saturday night?

Well. Quite a lot, actually. Sulphates will strip the natural oils from your hair, and this process is likely to dry out your strands big-time which, you’ve guessed it, leads to frizz. On the flipside, sulphate-free shampoos work to maintain the hair’s natural oil levels. This means your locks will be more hydrated post-wash, and much less likely to spring up from your scalp in protest at being left so thirsty.

  1. Don’t Leave Out Your Conditioner

She often plays back-up singer to your shampoo when it comes to haircare fixes, but don’t make the mistake of using conditioner as an afterthought. It’s time to make sure you condition your hair every time you shampoo it – no skimping! As hair frizz is often caused when your locks lack hydration, applying conditioner regularly will help to keep the cuticles hydrated, so that moisture can penetrate deep into each strand. This is a (very) good thing because it results in smoother, shinier locks. When adding a conditioner to cart, check the label for natural, hydrating ingredients like argan oil.

  1. Make Treatments A Regular Thing

Good shampoo and conditioner – tick, tick. But if you really want hair that behaves, it’s important to apply regular treatments to keep that frizz under control. A good hair treatment will do wonders for the health and texture of your locks by keeping them as hydrated as can be. Giving your hair a good moisture injection helps avoid the hair cuticle from opening up – aka a major cause of frizzy hair. Adding this step to your weekly routine can also make your hair less prone to heat styling damage. Don’t know where to start? A mask or a repair serum will work serious frizz-reducing magic. 

  1. Look For ‘Smoothing’ Ingredients

Yup, if you want smoother hair, you need to get around the right ingredients. One of our favourites? Horsetail extract - a potent plant-based extract that contains selenium and cysteine. This baby is a mighty effective ingredient for scoring silkier, smoother hair – so look for it on the label. 

  1. Use A Heat Protectant

We’re not about to tell you to break up with your straightener – but we are all about incorporating steps into your haircare routine that ensure your strands can withstand heat-styling as well as they possibly can. A good Heat Protectant Spray can do wonders in the frizz-management department by both soothing existing damage, and preventing future heat-induced frizz. A heat protectant will add just seconds – literally – to your morning routine – simply spray on, then style as usual once it’s dry.

  1. Apply A Cool Blast

Last, but definitely not least, get your frizz-prone hair to chill out by, literally, cooling her down. You can do this either in the shower after washing your hair, by rinsing with cold water afterwards or using your blow dryer after styling by changing the setting to give your locks a cool blast before you head out the door. Hello, smooth strands!

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