7 Influencers Share Their Good Hair Day Hacks

You wash your hair regularly, apply conditioner and hopefully the odd treatment and (if you’re really diligent in the hair care department) maybe even take targeted supplements to keep your locks in their best possible condition.

We bet your hair is looking pretty fine if you’re taking good care of her (yasss!) – but we also know you’re human, and that means you just can’t help scrolling Instagram and wondering, “Why doesn’t my hair look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s yet? What’s her secret, dammit?!”

Well, in the name of good hair days for all, we’ve searched high and low to uncover some of the less-talked-about tricks of the trade from seven babes who’re absolutely killing it in the hair department.

1) Lucy Hale - @lucyhale
She of the perfect bob (and 23+ million Insta followers to boot) has waves to die for. So how does she score that bangin’ just-woke-up-like-this texture? Lucy swears by "a day old hair wash” finished off with a spritz of dry shampoo to give her locks that lived-in style.

2) Winnie Harlow - @winnieharlow
This model powerhouse literally makes a living from looking better than the rest of us – so when she offers up hair care tips, we’re all ears. The naturally curly-haired beauty swears by “a leave-in conditioner as it softens my hair, smells amazing and it’s good for defining my curls.”

3) Ashley Benson - @ashleybenson
Another vote for dry shampoo from blonde babe and Pretty Little Liars actor Ashley Benson, who swears by the stuff. She has shared that her secret to a good hair day is, “dry shampoo if you don’t have time to wash your hair. It really works well for me, because I have extensions from time to time so it helps make everything look really fresh." Copy that!

4) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - @rosiehw
Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise is this bombshell model’s go-to mantra. Don’t have time to style your hair? Rosie suggests popping on a headband instead for an easy-as fix. “One my favourite things is these Maison Michel headbands, you stick them on top of your head and you roll your hair into it and you get this beautiful Grecian look. It's great if just need that quick, easy up-do."

5) Chloë Sevigny
The OG ‘90s style muse is all about the clever blow-dry. "I try and dry the roots upside-down so it doesn’t lie flat - I’ve learnt the tricks of the trade. And I do a cool rinse at the ends. I dye and highlight it all the time, so I try to take care of it.” We’re big fans of the cool rinse too – FYI, it helps seal your cuticles so your hair stays oh-so shiny post-wash.

6) Kristen Bell - @kristenanniebell

She’s reminded us all to Let It Go in Frozen and amassed 10 million+ Insta followers, but as far as we’re concerned, this gal’s biggest claim to fame is her no-fuss locks. And, wait for it, she’s yet another one who credits dry shampoo with solving all her hair problems! Kristen has shared that one of her go-tos is, “dry shampoo when I don’t have time to wash my hair."

7) Charlize Theron

She’s got Oscars and Academy Awards hanging out on her mantelpiece, and she rocks blonde and brunette looks equally well – in other words, this woman is unfairly #blessed. And her secret to hair that just gets better and better? “In terms of products I’ve definitely noticed the difference between sulphate and non-sulphate formulas, so that’s my one thing I won’t change - my hair products have to have no sulphates.” 

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