Blondes have more fun… Let’s keep in that way!

According to 99.9% of golden, locked ladies, blondes have more fun! However, keeping those blonde locks looking fresh is a full-time job in itself. Because let’s face it, brassy hair is never cute (unless that’s the look you were going for… in that case #youdoyouboo). Keep reading to find out how to make sure you’re taking care of your coloured hair with our simple, blonde hair hacks! 

Keep it cool! 
Next time you jump in the shower try opting for a Luke-warm temperature (or even cold if you’re daring) for an easy way to boost your blonde's ‘shine-ability’ and hair health. Just like heat-styling, hot water strips hair of nutrients and dries it out. Reversely, washing in cooler or cold water will seal your hair’s cuticles. This keeps the strands calm (with hair shafts laying down), promoting smoother, shinier hair. Bonus: this little secret is said to keep colour in your hair for longer #amaze! 

Be sun safe!
Us Aussies (oi oi oi) are all familiar with the saying ‘slip, slop, slap’. Now we’re sure you’re all trés diligent in applying the ‘slip, slop’ aspect, but its really time to up your game with the ‘slop’ part to this phrase. Ladies, we know you love the sun but your blonde hair certainly does not! 

Light coloured or blonde hair doesn’t have the protective dark pigments found in our brunette and black-headed friends, so you must steer clear of excess sun exposure to avoid permanent damage to your hair follicle. Additionally, the chemicals used in the blonde colouring process can leave the hair more susceptible to UV damage and colour fading. 

Our recommendation? Stay out of the sun as much as possible and invest in a great, high-quality sun-hat to flaunt when you do decide to go in the sun. 

Purple Reign… your new shower song! 
Now, this isn’t a new discovery in the blonde hair game but its a point crucial to colour-fast, brass-free, blonde hair. If you’re blonde and not using a purple shampoo STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND GO GET SOME! 

The science behind this product is simple. When you think about the colour wheel, purple is opposite yellow (yellow being the keyword for a brassy blonde). When relating this science to hair, purple and yellow cancels one another out. So when brassy, yellow tones are hit with the power of purple pigmented shampoo, the hair’s OG hue is restored and your former bright, cooler blonde is revamped. 

Psst… Boost Barbie Babes… we’ve got you covered! Check out our Blonde Baby Purple Mask. We promise you’ll be rocking your best blonde in no time by eliminating brassiness with this 2-in-1 toning and hydration treatment! 

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