BondiBoost’s Team Excursion to the RSPCA

Woof woof! Who let the dogs out? BondiBoost that’s who! 

On Monday the 13th of January 2020, the BB HQ Team ventured from our Double Bay abode, all the way across Sydney (yes we crossed the tunnel) to Yaghoona, where we spent the day at the RSPCA. 

In celebration of BB’s long-time partnership with the RSPCA and launch of the new BondiBoost Pooch Wash, we thought it was about time we hung out with some furry friends, gave them lots of much-needed love and saw where all our Pooch Wash donations are going to. 

First up we headed to the Dog Kennels where we got to see all the dogs currently up for adoption. With plenty of treats, we walked up and down the rows, giving these beautiful creatures plenty of treats and high-pitched compliments - “Who’s a good girl?” 

This really resonated with the BB Team as every week we choose an RSPCA dog in need of adoption and feature them on the BondiBoost Instagram page. We even got to meet this week’s four-legged friend, ‘Meek’. Just look how #adorable she is!
Next, things took a much ’wetter’ (for lack of a better word) turn, as we washed two beautiful dogs in our newly launched BondiBoost Pooch Wash. Honey and Diamond were a little scared at first by the water, but as soon as they got a good old rub down with the Pooch Wash (and lots of delicious treats), they were smiling from ear to ear, tails wagging and coats shining!

‘Pocket pets’ (think bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens etc) and kittens came next, with the BB team visiting each enclosure for some seriously fluffy cuddles! We were then whisked away for a tour of the newly renovated Veterinary section to the RSPCA. From examination rooms, operating theatres, infectious diseases units and an ICU, it was clear that the RSPCA does everything they can to care for sick and injured animals. 
For more than 30 years, the dedicated and experienced Veterinary Team has provided medical care, products and services to privately-owned pets, as well as to abandoned, homeless, injured and sick shelter animals. Something we didn’t know about the Veterinary clinic is that all profit made from non-shelter animal admissions goes directly back into the shelter to care for the animals who don’t have a loving, supportive family - how incredible is that! 

It truly was such an incredible, eye-opening day. The BB Team is so proud to continue working with the RSPCA, and is donating $1 from every Pooch Wash to the RSPCA.  

So if you are looking to spoil your pooch and make a difference to the lives of animals in need, pop a BodiBost Pooch Wash in your cart NOW!

xx BB Team 
Psst! Did we also mention that it’s been specially formulated for their skin’s sensitive PH levels and is free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicones and fragrance. Bow-WOW-WOW that’s paw-zitivly incredible! 

Psst, x 2! Click the link HERE to be taken to the RSPCA’s adoption page and view all the furry, feathery, clawed and four-legged friends in need of a forever home.  



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