Do you even GYST?

How: Living an organised, stress-free lifestyle can help your hair

We call it our GYST day and it stands for “Get Your Sh&*t Together”. 

Yup, it’s time to put that ‘self-care’ talk into practice and dedicate a whole day to getting on top of those nitty-gritty details of your life. 

A GYST Day is all about getting organised for the week ahead. By doing these simple tasks, the weekend prior, you have extra time during the week to accomplish more important goals. You’re also able to eliminate an aspect of stress from your week and contribute to your hair’s overall health all at once - high five girlfriend!  

So sit back, grab a notebook and get ready to take down some hardcore #adultlife tips. 

Before you do anything, you need to decide on a day where you have a fair chunk of time to accomplish all your goals. For our GYST days, the BB Team likes to choose either a Saturday or Sunday. During the week we are far too busy at the BondiBoost HQ, doing and talking about all things hair. Weekends suit us much better as we are able to truly focus on GYST’ing. 

Wash your bedsheets 
The first thing to do is to wash your bedsheets. As soon as you get up in the morning, strip your bed instead of making it and pop straight in the wash. Having clean surroundings subconsciously reduces stress and tension. 

Apart from general cleanliness, having clean bedsheets all contributes to scalp and hair health. Excess dirt and bacteria, found in sheets and pillowcases can easily transfer onto hair follicles/ the scalp and cause serious irritation. If you have scalp issues like dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema, this tip can be really helpful in keeping as much ‘aggressors’ away from your scalp as possible. 

Plan meals for the week ahead and go grocery shopping
This tip is a must for so many reasons. Not only will it save you money as you’ll less likely spend excess $$ throughout the week on take-out and other unnecessary ingredients, but you can also stick to those #healthgoals. 

Eating a wide variety of nutritiously dense, wholesome food promotes overall hair growth and health too - A win-win in our books! 

When grocery shopping the BB Team’s top tip is to stick to the parameter of the supermarket. This is where you will find all the fresh fruit & veg, fresh proteins, dairy and whole foods. Packaged and processed foods are generally concentrated to the middle aisles, and whilst absolutely fine in moderation, these types of foods don’t particularly do any favours for hair health. 
If you’re looking to ‘eat your way to hair health’, these foods should always be at the top of your grocery list: 

Category  Items Nutrient + Benefit 
  Fresh Fruit Blackcurrants, blueberries, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya and strawberries All super high in Vitamin C (great for collagen supply, promoting capillary stimulation = hair growth)
Vegetables Capsicum, sweet potato, carrot The Vitamin A found in all these vegetables aids the scalp to produce healthy sebum used to nourish and protect the hair. This also strengthens hair and helps minimise breakage. 
Protein sources Salmon, mackerel, sardines & eggs  Packed with Omega-3’s. This nutrient is crucial in maintaining your hair’s healthy oils. These oils are readily absorbed into the scalp and ward against the development of hair issues like dandruff & eczema which can be caused by a dry scalp. 
Nuts & seeds Walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds Omega-3s
Carbohydrates Brown/ wild rice, legumes, wholegrain bread and pasta  This macronutrient is your hair’s preferred source of energy. Needed for hair renewal, growth and strength.

Clean your space
Again, this will help relieve subconscious stress and tension from your life. When our surroundings are chaotic, our minds often find it hard to focus and become scattered and unsettled. Although not blatantly obvious, if you think this can’t affect your hair health, think again! 

It has been scientifically proven that the human brain finds it harder to ‘switch-off’ and fall asleep if in messy surroundings. Un-orderly sleep patterns contribute to bad sleep hygiene, with a lack of sleep resulting in heightened cortisol levels (the stress hormone). 

High cortisol levels affect the function and cyclic regulation of the hair follicle. This is because while the Adrenal Glands are busy making extra cortisol, they make less of the hormones that support healthy hair growth, with hair loss being a major symptom of sleep deprivation. 

By cleaning your bedroom and surrounding living areas on a GYST day, you’re more likely to get a better night's sleep, contributing to cell rejuvenation (hair growth) and reducing cortisol levels (leading to hair loss). 

Pop on a hair treatment 
Because the BondiBoost gals are all about #multitasking, we love to pop in a hair treatment whilst we are cleaning our spaces on a GYST day. Not only does this practice crucial self-care, but it also allows us to get as many nutrients and TLC on our scalp and hair as possible. 

Hair treatments are an A++ way to top your head with a tonne of highly-concentrated, nourishing ingredients, formulated to really #boost your scalp and hair-ends with all the nutrients it needs for healthy, strong locks and hair growth. 

Whether you're a #blondebabe who chooses a toning treatment to whisk away brass, or simply opt for an intensive natural oil hair mask, your hair can only benefit from popping one of these babies on whilst you complete your GYST day! 

Pssst! Stop scrolling and start GYST’ing by grabbing a BondiBoost hair treatment! Our Elixir Oil, Miracle Mask and Blonde Baby Mask are all formulated with unique actives to ensure your hair is left strong and soft with a pearlescent shine! 

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