Everything You Need To Know About Hair Vitamins

Want the kind of hair that’ll make that babe next to you ask you to name your secret? Well, your Nanna may have told you that slow and steady wins the race, but when it comes to reaching your hair goals, sometimes your strands need a little move-along (soz, Nan). So, once you’ve stocked up on the right shampoos and hair products to boost those roots and get them growing faster, the next step in your hair arsenal is a targeted hair vitamin.

Yep, hair vitamin.

Haven’t tried one yet? Or, have you eyed those bottles of hair supplements and wondered if the little capsules bouncing around inside actually deliver? Perhaps you’ve ventured down the hair supplements route already but found the results a little, er, meh. Well, girl, we’re here to tell you that there are hair vitamins, and there are hair vitamins

The key to knowing the difference in your search for the best vitamins for hair growth? Distinguishing the products that are formulated with a blend of high-quality ingredients scientifically shown to deliver results (minus toxins and other nasties) from those bottles packed with fillers and other ingredients that (let’s be honest) don’t deserve to be hanging out anywhere near your hair. 

Here’s how to read between the lines on the label when shopping for hair vitamins:

Bring These Guys To The Party

We know you’re after the best vitamins for hair growth. And in that vein, we don’t want you parting with your hard-earned dough just coz somebody has thrown a bunch of stuff in a bottle and called it a ‘hair vitamin’. Yep, there are specific ingredients you should tick off on the label before you add to cart if you want your hair growth supplements to live up to their namesake and work some serious magic on your crowning glory.

So, in the name of good hair days for all, here’s a rundown of what to look for on the bottle before bagging a hair vitamin:


This is a nutrient needed in the production of keratin – aka the stuff your hair is made from. If you don’t have enough of it, biotin deficiency can lead to hair thinning (no, thanks).

Vitamin B6

Research has found that this vitamin can reduce hair loss and also help your body to build new hair shafts (hello, more strands).

Vitamin B12

This one helps your cause by assisting in the formulation of red blood cells, which can then boost hair growth.

Vitamin C

This bad boy is required by your body to make collagen, which is a crucial part of hair structure.

Vitamin E

With antioxidant properties, vitamin E fights against the free radicals that can cause hair breakage and thinning.  

Folic acid

This clever vitamin is essential for healthy cell growth – and if you’re deficient, you can expect it to affect your locks.


This is mineral is believed to keep follicles strong (bye bye, breakage.)

These Guys Are So Not Invited

Just as important as making sure the right hard-working ingredients are present in your hair vitamin, is ensuring that unhelpful – or worse, harmful – ingredients are left out of the mix. So, what should you avoid when purchasing hair supplements to speed up the growth and boost the all-round babe factor of your hair?

Well, you’ll want to order your hair supplements without a side serve of artificial colours and flavours, sugar or MSG, thank you very much. It’s also helpful to ensure that you choose a product free added gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, yeast or egg. Bonus points for being vegan – and of course, be sure to protect our furry friends by buying cruelty-free all the way. 

Psst! Our hair vitamin products are formulated with the very best ingredients, and certified safe to use without side effects – so you know you’re not ingesting any nasties in your quest for babin’ hair. To check them out, click this way.


  • Sammi

    Is it safe to take both hair growth and hair loss prevention supplements at the same time?

  • Sammi

    Is it safe to take both hair loss prevention and hair growth supplements at the same time?

  • Mikaela

    I grew up always having long blonde healthy hair. After having to have a local anesthetic to kill some nasty fast developing pre cancer cells, my hair took a turn for the worst and ended up snapping, thinning and falling out… That, with a combination of stress, really put a strain on my once long and healthy hair, and completely ruined it. I was crushed. I had always treated my hair so well but it just wouldn’t grow, even with Olaplex and all paraben and sulfate free products. I ended up getting hair extensions to try and get some confidence back but I was always conscious of them showing and people knowing that I had them in… It wasn’t until I started using your hair vitamins and hair products that I started noticing a difference! Then my hair dresser started commenting on how much thicker and healthier my hair had got! After 3 years of hair extensions, I just had them removed a couple days a go and am feeling so much more confident about my hair! It’s still got a long way to go but I am so excited to have found a product that helps me feel confident again. Thank you Bondi Boost! Im getting my healthy hair back because of you and I can’t thank you enough!

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