Get rid of frizz in a whizz? Now you can!

Since the start of time frizz has been ruining perfectly fabulous days one head at a time - and we aren’t here for it! Ever wish you had a few sneaky cards up your sleeve to get rid of this hairy nuisance? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve come up with a list of killer hair hacks all aimed at helping you get rid of frizz in a whizz - now that's a #vibe! 

Toothbrush (more like a wizard wand!)
This little trick is aimed at those frizzy, fly-aways that just make your put-together look turn totes sour! Simply grab a cheap toothbrush (pink coloured if you’re anything like us) and run from the root of your hair’s part in a downwards motion. The toothbrush bristles reverse the effects of friction (frizz) when pushed up against your fizzy strands. The microscopic hair-scales are pushed down and you’re left with smooth, fly-away free locks - can we hear a #hellyes!

Put your detective hat on… its time to get savvy with those ingredient lists!
When choosing which shampoo and conditioner you’re going on a shower date with you need to suss out the ingredient list and make sure you're not choosing products which can potentially add to your frizzy situation. 
Always opt for a shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate free. Why? Well, sulphates strip natural oil from the hair and can make the hair dry, all causes of frizz. Adversely, sulphate-free shampoos maintain the hair’s natural oil levels leaving the hair with more moisture (and less chance of frizz).

Invest in a microfibre hair wrap… its life-changing! 
Not only will you look super chic and oh so classy, but you’ll also be combating frizz whilst drying your hair! Hair wraps made from microfibres are highly absorbent (proven to cut drying time by 50%). They’re designed to swiftly absorb water without the need for vigorous rubbing or friction. This drastically reduces the amount of time that the hair cuticle is left vulnerable to breakage.
While your hair turban is at work why not #treatyoself and pop on a face mask? After all, you need glowing skin to match your new frizz-free locks! Some of the Boost Team’s go-to face masks are:

  • BondiBoost | Activated Charcoal Mask | Removes blackheads and controls breakouts 
  • GO-TO Skincare | Transformazing Sheet Mask | Glowing, brighter skin in an instant
  • bareMinerals | Dirty Detox Mud Mask | For seriously smooth, glowing skin
  • Aceology Beauty | Green Tea Infusion Gel Mask | Helps to leave your skin looking fresh and luminous

Once your hair is dry (courtesy of your new BFF hair wrap) you’ll have fabulous frizz-free hair and radiant, glowing skin - slay girl! 

Psst… Can’t get enough of the idea of this hair turban? You’re in luck! BondiBoost just launched their latest haircare innovation… The Quickie Hair Turban! Win the battle against breakage and frizz with this highly absorbent microfibre turban by clicking this link NOW! 

Need a little help in the sulphate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free haircare department too? Don’t sweat it! All BB hair products are sulphate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free so you don’t ever have to worry!


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