Help, My Lashes Won't Grow!

There’s only one thing worse than panda eyes – and that’s the ghost-eye. You know, when you wake up, look in the mirror and discover your eyelashes are nowhere to be seen? Yep, that’s what we’re here to talk about. Instead of being bordered by a neat row of come-hither long, dark lashes, your eyes appear to be floating in… nothingness.

Whether your penchant for lash extensions has started to take its toll, you’re experiencing the effects of chemotherapy, have a nutritional deficiency or you were just born a little less, er, endowed in the eyelash department, there’s a fix for that. So, on behalf of lash-challenged ladies everywhere, here’s how to get eyelash game so good you’ll look like you’re wearing falsies, every day – without going near a salon.

Give Yourself An Eye Massage

Yes, really. Now, before you go prodding at your eyeballs, read on. A daily gently, gently massage of your eyelids can be beneficial in boosting circulation to the area, which in turn allows more nutrients to reach the follicles, promoting lash growth and potentially reducing breakage and thinning. To perform your massage, simply pop a few drops of oil (coconut or olive are good choices) on your lids, then use gentle circles to slowly massage your lids and lash line.  

Consume The Right Nutrients

Nutrition plays a big role in the health of your lashes, so if you want to up your lash game, be sure you’re adding all the right things to your weekly diet. Protein-rich foods are key, so ensure you’re getting an adequate intake of fish and meat or, if you’re vegetarian, stock up on legumes and nuts. Other foods that your lashes will thank you for include sweet potato, spinach, eggs and berries. Another option is to include a Hair Growth Support supplement into your health regimen.

Show Your Lashes Some Love

As well as encouraging new ones to grow, it’s just as important to take good care of the ones you’ve already got. So, keep your lashes in the best state possible by:

  • Removing your make-up before bed
  • Having at least one mascara-free day per week
  • Being oh-so gentle when using your lash curler 

Skip The Lash Extensions

We know, they save precious minutes spent on mascara application – and allow you to literally roll out of bed looking ‘done’ and ready to slay the day. The thing is, regularly getting lash extensions can leave your real eyelashes shorter and more brittle than before you started. So, it might be time to consider weaning yourself off the falsies. Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting you stay with the bald look forever – which brings us to…

Try A Lash Serum

Haven’t met this miracle in a tube yet? Lash serums work to deliver a targeted formula of ingredients straight to your lashes that will enable them to become stronger, healthier, lusher and grow more quickly. Simply apply as you would your mascara in the morning, then leave on all day while it does its thing. Just be sure to choose a serum that’s good for you, and not packed with nasties – think sulphate and paraben-free, and formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients. Look for goodies like Jamaican black castor, coconut and argan oils on the label, and you’re good to go. 

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  • CHristine

    Interested in purchasing the lash n brow serum. I had eyelash extensions done, but removed them n my eyelashes are non existence.I was told to go to Bondi boost site for the serum as my friend is using it n it works. How do I purchase the serum? Regards Christine.

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