How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Are you the kind of girl who has set days of the week for washing your hair, or are you more the everyday type? Or perhaps you just break out the shampoo when you notice your topknot doesn’t budge even when you’ve removed the hair tie? (Yep, we’ve all been there). Most of us fall into habits when it comes to taking care of our locks, without really knowing for sure the answer to the billion-dollar question: how many times a week should you wash your hair? Because we spend our days here at BondiBoost polishing up our expertise on all things hair, and because sharing is caring, we’ve pulled together some helpful insider tips to help you decide how often you should wash your hair.

Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

Do you lather up your locks on the daily? It can be super tempting to wash your hair every single day – that way, it’s always squeaky-clean and you’ll never have to deal with a bad hair day, right? Well, according to the experts, washing your hair with harsh products too frequently can actually upset your scalp’s microbiome (aka the good bacteria that live there). Put simply, your hair doesn’t like this, because a healthy microbiome is essential for maintaining an optimal PH on your scalp and making sure bad bacteria don’t take up residence there – both essential for those elusive good hair days. Wash it too often, and you could be left with hair that’s dry and brittle, thanks to it being overly stripped of its natural oils, plus inflammation or even fungi up there. Have we scared you off yet?!

Should I wash my hair every day if I work out?

Hands up if you read the previous paragraph thinking, ‘Ok, but this doesn’t really apply to me because I hit the gym/hot yoga/Pilates class daily’? Well… You may have a point. Your lifestyle does play a part in determining how many times a week you should wash your hair. We’re not suggesting you get around with last night’s treadmill sweat oozing from your scalp, and if you swim in chlorinated pools, for example, you’ll definitely want to remove the associated chemical build-up – so if you really are in need of a wash up top more regularly, just be sure to use the right hair care products. Skip the shampoos that are packed with chemicals (which will make your hair look shiny in the short-term, but eventually cause build-up and breakage) and sulphates (which, in addition to being toxins, will dry out your locks) and choose those formulated with essential oils to help maintain your hair in its best condition.

How many times a week should you wash your hair?

So, now we know the answer to the question, should you wash your hair every day, it’s time to answer the next one: how often should you wash your hair? Unfortunately, there isn’t one magic number (we know… life would be so much easier if someone would just give us the rule book!) to go by because, just like we all have different skin types, the same applies to our hair. Your hair follicles produce a different amount of oil to those of your bestie and different again to your work wife, and all the other women in your life – so when considering how many times a week you should wash your hair, we’ll all need to tweak the rules slightly according to our own hair type. Typically, though, experts in the field of trichology (that’s the science of the hair and scalp) recommend sudsing up two to three times per week to ensure your hair is as gorgeous and glowy as possible. The key? Use this as a ballpark figure and adjust accordingly (yep, we know you’re more than just a pretty head of hair) depending on your lifestyle and hair type to arrive at your own personal magic number. Fine hair may require more frequent washing, whereas thick or curly hair generally needs to be lathered up less. And most importantly? Remember it’s as much about the quality of your wash, rinse, repeat sessions as it is about the quantity, so do your head a favour and choose gentle, naturally formulated shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair in her best, most glowy, gorgeous state.

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  • Alana

    My hair is very dry and fizzy. Is the shampoo increase the dryness?

  • Hannah Campbell

    I’ve been using Bondi boost for about a year. Before I cut my hair off this really helped. But it’s helping me grow my hair back really quickly. I notice a dramatic difference in a month or so. I wash my hair every two days or so. If I work out then I wash it that day. This is legit I swear by it.

  • Kate

    I’ve been using the hair growth supplements and the intensive spray and noticed a difference within 7-8 weeks. Hair just wouldn’t grow before and now it’s past my shoulders. very happy camper and will definitely buy again.

  • Marcia

    I’ve been using the hair growth support vitamins for about 3 months. I noticed improvement in my hair AND nails pretty quick… within the first month. I also use the hair growth shampoo and conditioner which are both great! My hair is not nearly so dry. I have trained myself not to wash my hair as frequently as I used to which has also helped. Thanks for the great products that actually do what you say they’re going to do!

  • Joumana

    Hi just bought the hair growth support vitamins of you just wondering how long to see results thank you

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