How To Care For Curly Hair

Hello, curly-haired beauty! You have us straight-haired babes going a little green with envy. Sure, we always want what we don’t have, but you can’t blame us all for wanting our Carrie Bradshaw, (or, er, early-nineties Mariah Carey) moment! 

Yes, luscious manes of curly hair make many of us envious, but we also know that those with natural curls often complain about how hard it is to care for their locks. Frizz, dryness and breakages are a curly-haired girls’ nemesis. But you don’t have to hide your wild mane under a strategically placed scarf - follow these tips to give your curls the ultimate TLC for good hair days all round. 

Don’t over-shampoo

Over-washing your hair can make it dry out. Avoid this by only shampooing every few days and using conditioner. Also, embrace co-washing – no, this isn’t about having someone join you in the shower (which we are totes up for, btw), but to only ‘wash’ your hair with conditioner. Do this in-between shampoos to keep your hair nourished.

Stay away from nasty chemicals

Sulphate, silicones, alcohol and parabens are added into many shampoos and conditioners, however, they should be avoided as they strip your hair, leaving it ultra-dry. Plus they aren’t great for our bodies either. Thankfully, gentler, cleaner options exist, like our Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner. This Australian-made power-packed duo is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that revitalise the hair shaft and fight dryness (aka perfect for caring for curls). 

Care for your curls while you snooze

Bed hair may look sexy for some, but we know damage to curls can happen overnight, leaving you with a frizzy mess (and stress when you don’t have time to fix it before dashing to work!). To make your mornings – and your hair – smoother, try these tips:

  • Do the Pineapple. This trick protects your curls when you’re tossing and turning. Gather your hair high up to the crown of your head. Then, use a fabric scrunchie or scarf to loosely secure your mane. It should look like a pineapple (d’uh). Remember to keep it loose and not to use a hairband, otherwise, you’ll create a firm dent that will be hard to get rid of. Undo in the morning and, viola – no bird’s nest in sight.
  • Use a silk or satin pillowcase. This will protect your curls, leaving them less tangled, frizzy and dry. Plus, your face will love it too, with less ‘pillow lines’ and redness in the morning.
  • Use a treatment or serum to hydrate and fight frizz. We recommend using our all-natural Elixir Oil for at least 15 minutes before rinsing, but many of our curly-haired Bondi Boost babes swear by leaving it in overnight for even greater results. 

Ditch the towel

Been for a swim or just stepped out of the shower? Do NOT reach for a harsh towel to dry your hair. Instead, use a soft cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel. Rubbing your hair with rough materials can damage follicles, causing damage, frizz and split ends. 

Protect when applying heat

Using a diffuser when blow-drying is a must for curly hair. Diffusers reduce frizz and add bounce to your curls. Embracing a diffuser will also save you drying time. If you must use other heat-styling tools, make sure you protect your hair using a heat protection spray to reduce dryness and prevent breakages.

Find a killer hairstylist

Finding a hairdresser who is a master in cutting curls will change your life (OK, it won’t whisk you off to a tropical island, but at least you’ll look good in the office every day). Ask around for recommendations and look at reviews on social media. We recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends, which are a big no-no for healthy curls.

Get braiding

Don’t want to wear your curls out? Rock some braids. One of the best protective hairstyles, braiding will keep your hair happy and safe from the elements.

Psst! If your curls are in desperate need of TLC, check out our treatments that will repair those locks and have them behaving!


  • Bec

    I am also wanting to know what products you have for curly hair? Both my daughters have curly hair and I need a good product.

  • Alexandra

    What products do you have for curly hair
    My daughter has beautiful curly hair , we have tested so many products but have not found the one !
    What would you recommend please

  • Sharlene

    I would love to know what ingredients are in your products
    I have very dry stressed curly hair and falling out and thinning. Hairdresser advised I needed keratin based products
    At $50 shampoo and $50 conditioner I have seen no improvement with the first set

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