How To Care For & Style Your Fringe

So, you did it – you took the plunge, told your hairstylist to get snip-happy and got yourself a fringe. Now, ever since Coco Chanel told us so, we’ve known that a girl who cuts her hair is about the change her life – so, we salute you! There’s nothing fresher and sexier than a well-cut fringe as you strut out of the salon. But what happens when your hair doesn’t behave in quite the same way once you’re back home again? 

Yep, having a fringe requires a little more upkeep than a regular haircut. But it’s still totally possible to rock this look well – you just need a few clever techniques up your sleeve. So, whether you’re sporting a side-swept fringe like Alexa Chung, ‘baby bangs’ a la Emma Watson, or a full, blunt look like Zooey Deschanel, read on for how to look after your fringe so that it’ll look every bit as babin’ as theirs. 

Wash it more than the rest of your hair

Now that it’s sitting all up in your face, your fringe is getting up close and personal with the skin on your forehead, and everything else that’s on it. Make-up, sweat and your skin’s natural sebums will now be making your fringe oilier than the rest of your hair, which means it needs to be cleansed more frequently. Just be sure to choose a gentle shampoo formulated with clean ingredients and no nasty sulphates, parabens, silicones, phthalates (like this one).

Rest assured that more frequent washing won’t lead to issues with dryness and split ends in your fringe, as you’ll be cutting it cut more regularly than you typically would the rest of your hair. Which leads us to… 

Get it trimmed regularly

Now, your hair stylist no doubt told you to come in to get your bangs trimmed every 3 weeks or so. And, you’d think this goes without saying (we all want to walk around without banging into things right?!) but think of how many times you’ve seen a girl whose fringe is all caught up in a game of Twister with her eyelashes. 

If you’ve had your fringe for even say, longer than a couple of months, though, you’ll also know how easy it is to skip that regular trim because busy! Remember that many salons offer the fringe trim as a complimentary service, so you won’t have to fork out each time. It’ll also help keep your bangs looking their very best as they’ll be sitting just so in the very spot that’s most flattering for your face.

Style it daily

Truth: low maintenance a fringe is not. Getting bangs cut is a commitment, and once you’ve done it, you need to put in the work to keep them looking their best. Blow-drying your fringe will help it sit right on your face, just remember to aim the nozzle from above and dry from roots to ends. Using a barrel brush can help you achieve a fuller finish.

Dry shampoo is your friend

If your fringe is prone to looking a little flat or wispy, dry shampoo is the perfect salve to inject some volume and texture back into your hair. It’s also seriously handy for popping in your handbag – if you notice your fringe is looking a little greasy towards the end of the day, just spritz some in to look fresh-as once more. 

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