How To Deal with Split Ends and Grow Your Hair

‘Blondes have more fun,’ they said. ‘As long as the bleach hasn’t destroyed their hair,’ they forgot to add. Yep, harsh but true – your dye job may give you strong hair game, but it won’t make the actual strands themselves any stronger (in fact, it’ll likely do the opposite). Split ends and breakage often result from bleaching or heat styling your hair regularly, which can make your long and lush #hairgoals pretty tricky to achieve. But if you just can’t break up with your blonde or heat tools? Don’t fret – there are ways to ensure your coloured hair stays healthy and gorgeous. Read on! 

Ask Your Stylist To Skip The Ends

If you’re visiting your hair stylist for regular touch-ups on your blonde, consider that it’s mainly the roots that need the bleach where your colour job has grown out, whereas your ends are likely still gloriously blonde. So, ask her to leave the ends of your hair out of the foils next time you go in for a touch-up – they won’t miss it, promise.

Lay Off The Tools

The key to keeping bleached hair in the best possible condition is to steer well clear of any further damage to your strands. So, yep, that means going easy with the heat styling tools. High temperatures can cause the bonds in your strands to fracture, leading to (you guessed it) more breakage and even thinning hair. No, thanks! So, behold the two golden rules of heat styling for bleached hair: 1) when using heated styling tools – like your curling tongs, GHD and blow-drier – use the lowest possible heat setting to achieve the effect you’re after (even if it takes a couple of minutes longer). 2) Use a Heat Protectant Spray – and apply it liberally – before picking up your tools.

Wash It Less

Now, if you’re a regular BondiBoost babe, you’ve probably heard us banging on about how washing your hair too frequently (we’re talking daily or every second day) dries the poor thing out, potentially leaving her parched and brittle. And this, friends, is especially bad when it comes to bleached hair, which needs all the hydration it can get. Plus, it goes without saying that the more you wash your hair, the more often you’ll style it, and vice versa. So… cool it, ok?

Use The Right Products

When you do bring out your shampoo to give those strands a wash? Whether it’s every few days or a couple of times a week (or less, depending on your hair type), choosing products that’ll love your blonde hair right back will be a serious game-changer. If you haven’t got acquainted with the label on your shampoo and conditioner bottles lately, we suggest you take a squiz. Firstly, make sure that they’re sulphate-free (those nasties can strip the hair of its natural oils and dry out your mane like nobody’s business). Also, look for naturally derived ingredients that’ll nourish and hydrate those bleached strands – think linseed oil and argan oil. (Come to think of it, our Rapid Repair Shampoo + Conditioner hit the mark pretty nicely! Yep, it’s perfect for dry, damaged hair.)  

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