How To Grow Out A Bad Hair Cut

Ever walked out of the hairdresser holding back tears? Yep, we’ve been there too… And we’ll put it out there that possibly the only thing worse than a scary hair colour (think coming out fluro orange when you asked your stylist for strawberry blonde) is a bad hair cut. 

Particularly one that’s way, WAY too short. Asked for sultry brow-skimming bangs and instead been left with a short, spiky excuse for a fringe that looks like you’ve let a toddler loose with the scissors? Now, we know short fringes are having a moment on the red carpet and surrounds – but what suits Charlize Theron and the Emmas (Watson and Roberts, that is) doesn’t always translate well to the average babe in Bondi. (Props to you if you can pull it off!).

So, if you’ve attempted (and failed) the teeny tiny fringe or short bob – or your hairdresser’s taken you there without your consent (don’t you love when they apply a little too much ‘creative license’ to your request?!), once you’ve run out of Kleenex, the only thing left to do is to set about growing that baby to an acceptable length, asap.

Here are three ways to grow out a bad haircut before you’ve made it through the next season of The Bold Type (er, depending on how much you binge this weekend).  

  1. Wash It Less

Yep, really. We know, you likely want to make your hair look as good as she possibly can by keeping her squeaky clean at all times, now that she’s all in your face with nowhere to hide (yep, a fringe means the top-knot solution to a bad hair day no longer applies!). But before you bust out the shampoo every time you jump in the shower, remember that the key to growing your hair is to keep it as healthy and nourished as can be. Over-washing can strip your hair’s natural oils and dry it out so that it’s more prone to breakage and splitting (aka the opposite of your current #hairgoals.) Wash your hair every couple of days, maximum – less frequently if you don’t have oily hair – to help it grow faster.

  1. Apply Serious TLC

Only apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair? Use targeted treatments sparingly or, er, never? It’s time to step it up in the name of growth. Your hair needs lots of loving care to give her a little move-along to grow. So, keep her as hydrated as can be (see above!) and bathed in hair-loving nutrients on the regular. Apply a conditioner containing natural goodies like rosemary oil and peppermint every time you wash – and even on the days, you don’t wash, depending on your hair type. Your other secret weapon in the TLC department is an intensive treatment. Applying a weekly mask (like our Hair Growth Miracle Mask) will help strengthen your hair – and for a truly game-changing move, apply a daily treatment spray (like our Intensive Growth Spray – the name says it all).

  1. Take A Supplement

Now you’ve taken some clever steps to boost your hair from the outside in, it’s time to add a little help from the inside! Adding a specially formulated Hair Growth Supplement to your morning routine is a great way to add a serious boost to hair you’re trying to grow out. Look for a scientifically formulated product with active ingredients such as biotin, folic acid and zinc to give your hair all the nourishing goodness it needs to reach its full potential, asap 

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  • Jennifer Wynyard

    Hi there, I just recently experienced the extra creative urges of an eccentric stylist!! I will admit, I have had a bob for about 3 years…..all the different style bobs you can imagine. I purchased your products with the hopes of finally getting my hair past my jawline, and to a length where I could tie it back or up on those hot days leading into summer. I went to my hairdresser for a trim (as i have been told regular trims also helps hair grow faster)???, and more was cut off than I expected. So, out of sheer fustration, I found a female barber who gave me the ulitmate change/hair do up!! A disconnected cut, short on sides with length on top. Loved it!! But while in America for 5 weeks it grew quite rapidly so I went for a tidy up and thats when I got more than I bargained for. To me it feels & looks like a funky, short pixie with a hedgehog texture!!! BUT, so far all comments have been positive and family & friends love it. It is just taking awhile for me to adjust. I have all the products mentioned above except the supplement. I have made a couple of requests for it over past months, and have been waiting to hear of when its in stock.

    Can you please advise further….desperate for length again!!!

    Thank you!!

  • Sara

    Hi there,
    I have recently purchased BB for the first time and bought two bottles of the intensive hair grow spray. Just wondering I’m trying to grow my hair again after having a bad hair cut at the hairdressers and I’m just curious if I will notice any changes with just using the spray or will I need to buy more products to see any changes? Any feedback would be great.
    Thank you

  • Sharon Koschel

    So my luscious locks were fried by the hairdresser yesterday and I’m now sporting a disgusting haircut that is so dry and short.
    Should I be using Hair Growth or the Repair, or should I alternate?

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