How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Hands up who wants long, lush hair for days? Yep, us too. So why do our locks seem to take So. Much. Longer than we’d like to grow – and how can we press fast forward on the whole process?

Maybe you’ve got a bad fringe situation that needs growing out, asap. Maybe you’ve had it up to here waiting to grow out that impulse mum chop so you can look a little less, er, mumsy. Or maybe your locks are just taking their sweet time to grow, and you need something to help them up their game. Whatever your motivation, we get it- there’s only so much patience a girl can have before it’s time to call in the big guns (that’s us). 

Read on for all of the expert tips on how to grow your hair faster to reach your hair goals.  

Help! I’m Folically Challenged

First up, it’s worth understanding that there are a number of factors that influence hair growth. If you’ve ever typed ‘how fast does hair grow’ into Google in a bid to check whether your own hair growth is normal, read on.

While most people’s hair grows on average just under half a millimetre per day, this depends on several factors including genetics, health and hormone levels.

Yep, hormones are a key factor. If you’ve ever been pregnant or had a friend or relative with a bun in the oven, you may have noticed good hair days, every day. This is because the hormones associated with pregnancy cause hair to grow a little more quickly (and shed less too, which boosts the effect). Men also experience faster hair growth, due to their higher testosterone levels.

Your age plays a part in how fast your hair grows, as some hair follicles simply stop growing as we age. (We know – so not fair!)

Genetics are also a factor. Ever chatted with a friend over mani pedis about how her nails seem to grow at the speed of light, while yours remain stubby and unimpressive for much longer? Well, the same rings true with our hair – some people are just, as the saying goes, born with it. 

And just like your hair may naturally grow more quickly than your bestie’s thanks to those genes, those with naturally straight hair may find it grows longer than their wavy or curly-haired sisters. 

Now while we’re definitely not suggesting you get knocked up just to speed up your trajectory towards those hair goals, and unfortunately our genetic makeup is here to stay, don’t fret - there are ways to optimise your locks’ potential and make your hair grow faster, no matter where you’re at.

Reaching Your Hair Goals, Faster

Now, before you head into hibernation for the rest of 2019 until your locks have inched down a little further, remember that the way you eat and treat your hair plays a big part as well – and happily, that’s something we can change. 

So whether you took the post-breakup relaunch a little too far, postpartum hair loss has left you a little bare up there or your lob now feels so 2016, there are ways to speed up the process and make your hair grow faster. We promise.

One of the first and easiest changes you can make when trying to figure out how to grow your hair faster is to address your diet. Upping your intake of certain foods – we’re talking salmon, eggs and sweet potato – will provide your locks with the important nutrients needed to see them grow faster. 

And an side: while it’s super tempting to resort to an instant fix like hair extensions, stop right there, lady. We know, they’ll make your mane look all long and flowy right away – but, what the ads don’t tell you is that hair extensions can actually cause breakage which, you guessed it, just contributes to further hair loss down the line. 

If you’re serious about figuring out how to make your hair grow faster, once you’ve looked at how you look after your hair from the inside, your game plan must include giving your locks TLC from the outside – and ditching any bad habits that may be affecting the length and thickness of your hair.  

Use a specifically targeted shampoo that has been carefully formulated by industry experts to heal damage like split ends and help hair feel thicker can be highly beneficial. Look out for ingredients such as argan oil, horsetail extract and rosemary essential oil.

And if you’re washing your hair too often (we’re talking more than every couple of days for most people) – STOP! Washing it too much can actually lead to hair breakage because it can strip your scalp of its natural oils before they’ve had time to travel down your strands, causing your hair to dry out and become brittle.

If you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, washing your strands every 2-3 days should be plenty – and will see you on your way to lusher, longer locks in a jiffy.

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  • Domenica Italiamo

    I order the Bondi Boost bundle, so I hope that it is ok to use on hair extensions, trying to grow out.

  • Melissa Deslandes

    Can you use on hair extensions? Thank you 😊

  • Richa Uppal

    I am looking for long and strong hairs

  • Stacey

    Is it ok to wet hair every day? I shower almost every day because I go to the gym 5-6x a week. I only shampoo once a week & condition 3x but my hair still takes forever to grow.

  • jenny deblecourt

    I am 60 years of age I have just read on your blog how hair stops growing as we age. Bugger !! Is it a waste of time and money buying products to make our hair grow then ? I get that drinking plenty (water !!) and eating the right foods will certainly make it look better but as for spending money trying to get it to thicken or grow is it worth it thanks for listening !!

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