How To Reduce Hair Breakage

Your hair is more robust thank you think. A single strand (if it’s healthy, hydrated and oh-so lush) can actually stretch up to 30% of its length before snapping off - which is crazy, right?! This elasticity comes from strong bonds in your strands – known as disulphide bonds – that hold keratin protein in the cortex of your hair. If your mane is moisturised, your hair can stretch a lot, but if your mane is dehydrated, these bonds won’t hold in keratin and this can result in hair breakage – aka a big problem.

So, what can dehydrate your hair and reduce its elasticity. Environmental aggressors like strong UV rays, harsh water and heat styling tools can all cause hair breakage, but bleach (aka your hair’s best frenemy) is the biggest culprit. Bleach raises the hair cuticle and allows water to evaporate from your hair cortex, leaving you with drier strands. Think of it like leaving your fav bikini in the sun to dry – leave it out for too long and it’ll become super stiff. The same goes for your precious locks.

We know this may all sound horrible and you may never want to leave the house again, but don’t panic. If you’re dealing with hair breakage and want to get your mane back to its strong, stretchy self, we’ve got you. Keep reading to find out how to restore your locks after dealing with hair breakage.


Sometimes shampoo and conditioner just don’t do enough for your hair – it’s sad, but true. If your strands are snapping every time you brush them, investing in a pre-shampoo treatment is a great place to start your next hair-venture. We suggest applying our Elixir Oil to your strands before washing to let the powerful formula help smooth split-ends, calm frizz and inject your mane with the extra moisture it needs to hold those precious protein bonds together.  


If you must use your heat styling tools (those mermaid waves aren’t going to create themselves!), make sure you're protecting your strands from the high temperatures with a heat protectant. By applying this barrier to your mane, your strands will not only be protected, but it will also help prevent any further hair breakage you may already have. How? By hydrating those locks of yours! We recommend trying our Heat Protectant Spray the next time you decide to whip out your curling iron. It’s formulated with quinoa extract to help strengthen your strands and help improve the look of existing damage. So really, it’s a win-win for you and your locks!


Excessively brushing your hair isn’t good – period. Brushing your mane every chance you get can cause further hair breakage and stop your strands from forming strong protein bonds as they grow. We know you love the feeling of smooth, knot-free strands, but you have to give them a break. If you still feel the need to detangle (we feel you), try switching out your brush for a wide-toothed detangling comb. You’ll still be able to get rid of all those pesky knots, but your comb won’t tug at as many strands, so you’ll come out of the detangling session with a thicker-feeling mane.


There’s nothing like walking out of the hair salon with a fresh new colour. The thing is, if you’re making a drastic change (like going from a rich chocolate brown to platinum blonde), bleach has to step in. Bleaching your locks regularly and noticed your strands are starting to snap off? It sucks, but the best way to restore your strands is by rescheduling that next bleaching appointment. Yep – if you’re committed to transforming your strands after one too many bleaching treatments, you need to let your natural hair grow on its own. In the meantime, we also suggest  Rapid Repair range - to help seal hair cuticles and banish split ends.


  • Kelly Crawford

    My hair is normally VERY thick and curly (natural curl). I have my hair highlighted blonde. I’m also using purple shampoo which may be having an effect on the hair loss. When I’m taking it I am getting handfuls coming out of the rake. This has been happening for the last few months. My hair is now see through it has become that thin. It did this when I tuned 40 and I am now 50 and experiencing it again. What product do you have that will help me please.

  • Rawha

    Thank you so much that was very helpful
    My hair is breaking and I though brushing it more often is actually doing good 🤦‍♀️But I guess no
    Thank you for the info

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