How To Work 2019’s Hair Accessories Trend

If you’ve scrolled through Insta at any point lately, you will have noticed that when it comes to hair, 2019 is all about the hair accessory. From bold barrettes to bright bows, it seems we’re all going a little cray cray for a little embellishment up top.

It looks cute, can hide the fact you haven’t brushed your hair since yesterday and is a great way to look on-trend and ‘done’ with minimal effort. Seriously, clip it in and you’re good to go!

The downside of the barrettes, clips and bows that have made a comeback on runways and Insta feeds everywhere is that those pesky metal bits can unwittingly snap off your strands. And if you’re anything like us, breakage and thinning hair is the last thing you want when trying to get your hair game on point.

So, how to make 2019’s hair accessories work for you without damaging your strands in the process – or looking like you’ve rummaged through your five-year-old niece’s dress-up box? Read on. 

  1. Prep Your Hair Well

If you want to avoid breakage and snapping strands, but you still fancy rocking your new hair clips, the key is to prep your hair first. Make sure it’s strong and in great condition by using a regular intensive treatment, such as our Growth Miracle Mask, that’s packed with strengthening ingredients like macadamia oil, and hydrating goodies such as argan oil.

  1. Experiment With Placement

Now, if you’re anything like us, you may not have popped in a hair clip since you were in primary school. But now that all the cool girls are wearing them? It’s time to work out how to incorporate the look into your grown-up style.   

Tip: If you’ve got curly hair, a larger style will help your cute accessory from getting lost among your strands.

  1. Be Kind To Your Hair

Treat your hair well, and she’ll love you back – and this especially applies when you’re experimenting with new trends. Adding gorgeous clips, bows, pins and barrettes can totally be the icing on the cake when it comes to your look, as long as you make sure you’re not sacrificing the health of your locks in the process. 

When shopping for hair accessories, try to choose ones that aren’t too heavy, so they don’t weigh down your strands and pick pieces with gentle clip mechanisms that won’t rip out your hair when you remove them. Also, be sure to mix it up so you’re not using exactly the same clip or barrette in the same spot every day, so your hair has a chance to rest.

If you do notice some early signs of damage, but can’t break up with your hair accessories? Spritz in a strengthening treatment like our Rapid Repair Serum to ensure your locks stay gorgeous and damage-free.    

Hey, girl! Want to strengthen those strands so your hair can withstand clips and bows? Let our Hair Growth Supplements fix that for you. 

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