I committed to washing my hair less, and this is what happened...

BondiBoost’s Blog and Copywriter decided to put her hair washing habits to the test. 

So here’s the thing. I’m a serial hair-washer. I feel this compulsion every second day, if not every day, to jump in the shower and wash my hair. I know, I know; do what I say, not what I do. Writing all blog content for BondiBoost, I understand that this isn’t good for my hair, but I just couldn’t help it. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to put my hair to the test. I committed to making a conscious effort to wash my hair less to see if, A, my hair would adjust, and, B, if it would change anything about the health/overall appearance of my hair; here’s what happened…

This was by far the hardest week/biggest adjustment of the experiment. By Tuesday of the first week, I was already itching for a hair wash and almost caved! I could feel my hair getting oily, and it was a total #vibekiller.

Come Thursday, and I was a mess (ok, not really, but I like to exaggerate at times!) My hair was slick with grease and shinned in all the wrong ways. Safe to say the BondiBoost HQ saw me with slick, low ponytails both Thursday and Friday; not one of my finest hair moments. 

I decided to break my ‘hair wash fast’ on a Friday night. I’m very much a homebody so I knew Friday evening plans wouldn’t be an issue (sad but true), and I could wash my hair, fresh for weekend brunch plans. I used the HG Shampoo and Conditioner as my hair type is standard, has never been coloured and not overly dry/damaged. 

The first thing I noticed when I woke up the next morning was how light and ‘weightless’ my hair felt; especially at the scalp. Now, this could possibly be because I had gotten used to the complete ‘pool of grease’ my hair had become, but honestly, my hair had never felt so good. This gave me hope that I could and would continue. 

The Sunday of that same week, I decided I would rewash my hair. I know, I know, I originally wanted only to wash once a week, but I wanted a fresh head of hair to get my working week off to a great start. I had a few extra minutes to spare (it was the weekend after all), so I took the opportunity to pop on the Elixir Oil for a pre-shower hair treatment. I washed this with two rounds of the HG Shampoo and replaced the HG Conditioner for the Growth Miracle Mask as my conditioning treatment. 

WEEK 3: 
Fast forward two weeks and I was feeling great. I started to notice that my hair wasn’t as greasy as it used to be a day or two before my ‘scheduled’ hair wash; it was regulating itself!

 It almost seemed like my hair knew that it wasn’t going to be washed as often and ‘held off’ producing as much oil as it usually did to account for this. I was still washing my hair on a Friday evening and Sunday but felt that it was time to take the experiment a step further. I was going to try once a week!

WEEK 6 (current day):
It has now been six weeks since I started this ‘hair journey’ of sorts, and I can honestly say my hair has never felt better! I now only need to wash my hair once a week (Friday night) and don’t even really notice grease or a ‘dirty feeling’ until about Thursday. My hair’s natural oils have self-regulated themselves, and I no longer get that wet, slick look towards the end of the week like I was at the start of the experiment. 

I also noticed that my hair felt stronger and more healthy in general. This could also be because I was heat styling it way less. I generally wear my hair straight every day, but because I was washing it less, I didn’t need to re-straighter my natural hair every second morning. 

All in all, I would say the experiment was a success! Not only did I achieve what I set out to achieve, but the results were better than expected. My hair is now healthier, shinier and better off for it, plus I have saved a heap of time where I would usually be washing, drying and heat-styling #highfivesallround. 
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