Is Derma Rolling worth the hype?

Derma Rolling; Do you know what it is? Would you be willing to try it? Is it worth the hype? 

There’s a lot of unanswered questions, we get it, which is why the BondiBoost Team have decided to lay it all on the table and answer your burning queries. Keep reading as we dish the dirt on Derma Rolling. 

What is Derma Rolling?
Initially used in skin rejuvenation treatments, the process (also known as micro-needling), can be replicated on the scalp to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. When in use, the miniature needles in a Derma Roller create 'micro-injuries' in the skin and hair follicles.

How does it work?
When the micro-injuries caused by the Derma Roller are healing, the body automatically increases collagen and stimulates new cell production. Collagen is scientifically proven to aid in hair growth as the body uses the amino acids in collagen to build hair proteins. Apart from stimulating hair growth, an increase in collagen can also aid in reducing the appearance of grey hair by supporting the healthy structure of the hair follicle, where pigment is produced.

How to use: 
Lightly wet and comb hair before use to stop the hair from getting tangled. Part hair in sections and applying gentle pressure, roll the derma roller back and forth 3-4 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It’s important to note that temporary redness may occur and a slight tingling/stinging sensation may be initially felt. 

After use:
Disinfect your derma roller with medical alcohol and store in the case provided. 

How often should you Derma Roll your head?
Use the derma roller once per week. It’s crucial not to use again until your scalp has fully healed. This is key to allow your scalp to produce maximum collagen and follicle stimulation, while also avoiding long-term injury or infection. 

How long does each Derma Roller last for?                                                     The longevity of your derma roller is dependent on how regularly you use it and the quality of the derma roller you purchase. Replacing your derma roller is recommended when the needle feels blunt. 

Does it really work? 
In short, yes. When used consistently and correctly, derma rolling can immensely improve hair re-growth and the appearance of balding areas. 
The BB Team have seen some fantastic results from customers who have used the BondiBoost Hair Growth Derma Roller. Check out this fabulous customer review:

“I was losing a lot of my front hair due to some medical of my friends introduced me to BondiBoost, and I cannot thank her enough... The first picture was taken on 2nd December, and the third one was taken on 21st December... you can see a lot of progress already!”

- INA G. (Verified Buyer)

Important notes to remember before buying a Derma Roller:
You must select a derma roller from a reputable supplier – we want to make sure you and your scalp are in safe hands! Ours is a class 1 medical listed device, registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 310522). Check it out here.

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  • Sharlene Amasiah

    Hi I have recently been diagnosed with mild alopecha and hair shedding. I have been put on two lots of medication in order to slow or stop the hair loss. I am then suppose to put regain foam for woman in the top of the hair to help. I have been advised to keep my hair clear of stress, dandruff, hard massaging, to tightly held up as the stress all adds to the hair loss.
    I really like the idea and understand the concept of what your offering. Given my prognosis by my dermatologist would you recommend the derma roller?
    Thank you

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