Know these things before going blonde

There’s no denying, going blonde is a BIG commitment. From investing in new hair care products, multiple hour salon appointments and general upkeep, it’s a big undertaking one should not go into lightheartedly. If you’re contemplating making the switch to a golden head of hair, you’re in luck! Keep reading to find out the ‘top things to know before going blonde’. 

1. Your hair is going to be drier than usual

Bleaching agents are hard on hair follicles; plain and simple. They’re fantastic at removing natural pigment from locks; however, they also remove all other essential, natural oils and sebum from the scalp. The result? Extremely dry, brittle and dehydrated straw, oops sorry, we mean strands! 

We recommend switching up your regular hair care products for new products, designed explicitly for chemically-damaged and severely dehydrated hair. These products should be formulated with extra natural oils to replace the ones lost when coloured, and help add much-needed manageability back into follicles. 

Product to try: Rapid Repair Shampoo and Conditioner 


2. You need to use a purple toning product

Now, this isn’t a new discovery in the blonde hair game, but it’s a point crucial to colour-fast, brass-free, blonde hair. If you’re blonde and not using a purple toning product STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND GET SOME! 

The science behind this product is simple. When you think about the colour wheel, purple is opposite yellow (yellow being the keyword for a brassy blonde). When relating this science to hair, purple and yellow cancels one another out. So when brassy, yellow tones are hit with the power of purple pigmented shampoo, the hair’s original hue is restored and it’s former bright, cooler blonde is revamped. 

Product to try: Blonde Baby 2-in-1 Purple Toning Mask 


3. You need to be wary of sun exposure

Light coloured or blonde hair doesn’t have the protective dark pigments, easily found in our brunette and dark-locked friends. Therefore, it is essential to steer clear of excess sun exposure to avoid permanent damage to your hair follicle. 

Our recommendation? Stay out of the sun as much as possible and invest in a high-quality, sun-hat to flaunt when you do go in the sun. 

4. Your chances of split ends are higher 

Because chemically-treated hair has been voided of its natural oils, it also loses the majority of its tensile strength and manageability. The cuticle’s outer layer is also removed, leaving it extremely vulnerable to split ends and damage. 

Products such as serums are great options to reduce the appearance of split ends and minimise the chances of breakage. The concentrated shot of nutrients delivers an abundance of nourishing ingredients directly to the source of concern.

Product to try: Rapid Repair Serum 

Psst… our Boost Barbie Babes… we’ve got you covered! Check out our Repair and Toning Trio. We promise you’ll be rocking your best blonde in no time!

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