How To Protect Your Hair While At The Beach

Is there anything better than that feeling when you first put your head under the waves – water swirling around you, sun sparkling overhead? Nope, we think not. Here at BondiBoost, we firmly believe that beach days are what happiness is made of – er, only if you’re having a good hair day at the same time, of course!

And while we also love ourselves a set of post-swim beach babe waves as much as the next girl, we do know that all of that sun and sand can wear down your strands after a whole summer’s worth of beach days. So, how to enjoy all those Bondi hangs while also ensuring your hair stays in her best condition, inside and out? Read on for some expert tips. 

Apply a Pre-Beach Treatment

It’s all in the preparation, right? A sure-fire way to keep your locks at their healthiest during the beach season is to coat her in a protective layer before you hit the sand. Many babes swear by slathering their strands in a nourishing hair oil, which serves to coat the hair shaft with a barrier that’ll ensure she doesn’t get too thirsty while you’re enjoying the sun, sand and fresh salty breeze.    

Protect her from the sun

We know you’re all over the importance of applying sunscreen to your skin on the daily (if not? Get thee to a chemist, asap!) – but we often don’t consider that our hair is also vulnerable to sun damage. Those rays beating down on your hair can have a serious drying effect (more so if your hair is bleached), so be sure to add protection via a hat, headscarf or cute beach umbrella. 

Use a Sea Salt Spray

Now, we know nothing says boho summer babe quite like those tousled, au naturel waves that come courtesy of a day spent diving beneath the salty blue – but your hair isn’t actually at her best post-ocean swim (despite how good she looks). This is because bathing her in a salt bath (essentially what the ocean is, no?) can be drying – so, for the same effect minus the damage, may we suggest applying a trusty sea salt spray instead?

A good one will contain just enough salt to get your hair all bodylicious and textured, plus a hefty dose of nourishing ingredients to keep her thirst at bay at the same time. Simply spritz on before you head out the door, pop your hair in a topknot and keep her out of the waves. If you can’t manage to keep your head dry every time you hit the beach, even doing this every second time you take a dip will cause your hair to thank you very muchly (bonus: your mascara won’t run either).

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The day after a long beach sesh can feel like a hangover for your hair – kinda seedy and in need of a big, long drink. Yep, prolonged exposure to the elements can seriously dry her out, so quench her thirst post-beach with an intensive treatment. Our Rapid Repair Serum may do just the trick, simply spritz on to ends daily or as required. Double your efforts by giving your hair a weekly soak in a heavenly hair mask like this one, and she’ll love you forever. 

Air Dry

Now you’ve put all that tender loving care into keeping your hair happy, be sure not to reverse your good work by wreaking any further damage by way of your hairdryer. Given that heat styling is known to damage those delicate strands, give them a break during summer by air-drying whenever you can – when the temps are this steamy, it’ll be done by the time you’ve replied to that text message.

Psst! You, the beach babe with the thirsty hair. Check out our bottles of hair-loving goodness here. 


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