Say adiós to split ends!

Split ends… the word sends shivers down our spines! These nasty buggers have been infesting hair since day dot, making hair look frazzled and unkept - a total vibe killer if you ask us!

If split ends are getting on your “nerve-ends”, say no more. We're about to get deep into the who, what and how to remove split ends from your hair for good. 

First things first (I'm a realist), what are split ends?
When the cuticle (outmost layer of the hair shaft) is damaged, its cortex is exposed. This exposure leads hair to become highly susceptible to splitting and fraying, commonly referred to as split ends. 

Where do split ends occur? 
Contrary to the name, and a common misconception, split ends do not just occur at the end of hair strands. They can occur at any stage on the hair shaft and can affect both long and short hair (depending on how much damage provoking actives the strands are put through). 

How do you get split ends:
Split ends are often a sign of over-treated, damaged hair, giving your locks an unkempt, unhealthy appearance. Coarse towels, rough brushing, chemical dyeing/ treatments, and styling with heat are all common culprits contributing to split ends. 

How to prevent/ cure:
Now for the fun part! Let’s get rid of these unwanted visitors and prevent them from ever returning to your hair. Although the only real 100% ‘fix’ for split ends is to chop your locks clean off, we understand that this idea can be gut-wrenching and just an absolute no go. If you would prefer to keep your hair firmly on your head, there are a few options to prevent and minimise split ends. 

1. Invest now to save yourself later
If you bleach or chemically dye your hair, you must ensure you’re using hair care products that aid keeping hair healthy. Keywords to look out for are paraben, sulphate, and silicone-free as these nasties don’t do hair any favours, especially if we’re talking about split ends. 

You should also be on the hunt for hair care products that are ‘intensely hydrating’ and jam-packed full of natural, essential oils. This will aid in rehydrating and reviving your poor, colour treated locks, preventing even further dry and porous strands. 

2. Be G.E.N.T.L.E 
Your hair is delicate at the best of times, especially when wet. When hair is damp or wet, it loses all elastic properties and is highly susceptible to breakage. When drying hair, do not rub excessively or wring with a rough, coarse towel. The friction caused by the towel is a literal recipe for split ends - your poor locks don’t stand a chance girlfriend! 

Where possible, allow for hair to air dry, or if you’re in a pinch for time, invest in a soft, microfibre towel/ turban. Microfibres are singular fibres that are soft, gentle and extremely absorbent. They have even been proven to cut drying time down by as much as 50% without the need for vigorous rubbing. 

3. Don’t brush in a rush
This same notion can be applied to the way you brush your hair. Always avoid vigorous brushing and opt for a wide-tooth comb if possible. If knots seem to find you even without moving, brush hair in small sections as opposed to all at once to minimise tugging. 

Start with small sections and brush from end to root in tiny increments, slowly making your way up the hair shaft. This trick will detangle those knots and minimise the risk of creating split ends. 

4. Treat yourself to a hair treatment
Nothing bad ever comes from ‘treating yourself’ and investing in health, especially hair health. Intensive hair serums are a great add on to your current hair care routine and can do wonders in healing, minimising and preventing split ends. 

A serum is a fancy name for a product that sends a potent shot of beneficial ingredients directly into the area of application. If we’re talking about intensive hair serums, these beauties will most likely be formulated with highly nourishing, natural oils to soothe and replenish highly damaged, brittle hair. 

When used daily, in addition to your hair care routine, hair serums can help seal cuticles and repair split ends by up to 90%! 

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