How To Grow Out Your Natural Hair Colour Faster

There comes a point in every babe’s life where she just wants to go au naturel. Maybe you’re over forking out for regular highlights and would rather put the cash towards incredible hair products instead; you might be getting concerned about putting peroxide and other chemicals or your scalp; or you’re finally game to own your greys; you’re pregnant and choose to stop colouring your hair while you’re plus one; or perhaps you’ve been through a break-up and just want to feel like you again. We hear you!

When you’re ready to go back to your natural hair colour, the biggest challenge is waiting it out while your natural hair grows back. And no matter how much you practice the patience of a Zen master – or try to tell yourself ‘it looks just like balayage’ if you’re a natural brunette growing out your blonde – that in-between look just isn’t the stuff hair goals were made of. So, read on for how to make the process of growing out your natural hair colour as angst-free as possible. 

Consult A Professional

How intense the growing-out phase will depend on how you’ve been colouring your hair until now. If you’ve just added a few highlights here and there? You’re probably safe to just sit tight and let your hair do its thing, embracing the ombre(ish) look until your natural has grown out long enough for you to simply have the coloured ends snipped off for good.

If you’ve been opting for a full head of colour that’s a pretty big departure from your natural shade? Your best bet to avoid looking like a crazy lady in the ensuing interim period is to let your roots grow out for a couple of months, so your natural shade is clearly visible, then book in with your hairstylist. She can help soften the top-deck look by using a number of colouring techniques, depending on your particular hair colour.

Help Your Hair Grow The Right Way

Whether you’re in the growing-out-your-roots phase before your stylist will agree to add some lowlights, you’ve decided to break up with your hairdresser altogether and do this thing completely natural, or you’re growing out your greys (in which case, there really is nothing to be done but sit tight and wait), sometimes a babe just needs to give her hair a little move-along to grow faster already.

If you want to minimise the time where your head is two-toned, you can grow those natural-hued strands out the healthiest way with the use of a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. Our Hair Growth range is packed with cleaner ingredients that work to strengthen your existing strands to prevent breakage, as well as perfectly conditioning your scalp.

Style It Right

Once your natural roots have reached a certain length, you can simply snip the old coloured ends off to achieve a single colour once more. But until then, some clever styling can help make your colour situation a little less obvious. Once your natural-coloured roots are a few inches long, the point where your colour jumps from dark to light (or vice versa) will sit about the point that your hair elastic will if you tie it up. So accessorise with a cute scarf, or throw in some hair barrettes, and rock the chic up-do look for a while until your natural colour has well and truly grown out. Bonus: minimal styling required!   

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