The Hair Growth Ingredient Every Guy Needs In 2020

“I love it when I glance in the shaving cabinet and spot a new bald patch,” said no guy, ever. Yep, just like women dread the unwelcome arrival of a new grey hair springing up without an invite, for men, hair loss and thinning definitely don’t belong at the party.  

While it can be caused by several factors, including genetics, the ageing process, stress and certain medical conditions; hair thinning and loss is super common – and is the culprit behind sparser hair coverage, bald patches and that receding hairline. Fun, right?!

The upside? Hair loss can be halted in its tracks. If you’re dealing with thinning up top, the most effective way to combat it is with a two-pronged approach: first, reduce hair loss and second, promote the growth of new hair.

Enter the hair-saving ingredient that every guy needs to add to his arsenal, stat: Procapil. If your hairline (or that of your man) is making a fast retreat, this newbie on the market is a clever all-natural solution that’s been shown to be super effective at restoring your hair to its former glory.

Want to boost your hair growth and halt hair loss in its tracks? Scroll on for everything you need to know about your hair’s new best mate (aka Procapil).

How It Works

So, how does this magic bullet in a bottle actually work? Quick science lesson: firstly, Procapil works to negate the effects of DHT, the hormone that hangs out in the prostate glands, testes and adrenal glands, and plays a big role in male hair loss. 

Secondly, Procapil works its magic by boosting blood flow to the scalp – which, as you might know if you’re a regular over here at BondiBoost, is essential for maintaining a healthy base for optimal hair growth. The effects can contribute to enhanced cell repair and increased cell proliferation on your scalp, which is both very good things when it comes to hair growth, and keeping strands healthy and strong (cue less hair loss).

What Procapil Does

This nifty ingredient works in several powerful ways – in fact, studies have shown results from use over a two-week period! Use of a spray or mask containing Procapil will nourish your scalp, which is essential to promote optimal hair growth, encourage new growth, boost thickness and health of your hair and reduce hair loss. 

How To Use It

Are you and your other half still sharing your hair products? As cute as this scenario may seem, truth is, just like you’ve probably invested in separate his ‘n’ her moisturisers, guys have different needs when it comes to hair care. Particularly if you’re dealing with hair loss, targeted products are an essential addition to your shower caddy to ensure you’re addressing the issue. 

Searching for products with Procapil? The BondiBoost team have developed the Procapil Hair Tonic, made for use on wet or dry hair, leave it in with no need to rinse, so you can spray and go – because what man has time to spend 27 minutes on his hair before work?!

Want to up the ante for maximum results? Add the Procapil Booster Mask to your arsenal. An intensive treatment made for use once a week (go on, set a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget), you simply apply the mask to your scalp after your shampoo, in place of conditioner. Then, leave in overnight while you get your man beauty sleep, before rinsing out completely during your morning shower. 

Bonus: both of these bottles of hair-boosting goodness contain natural and organic ingredients and are free from added nasties like parabens, sulphates and silicones, plus they’re completely vegan. Oh, and they smell like candy canes, so your girlfriend won’t mind.

Psst! Want to get your hands on our Procapil products do you can get your hair back on its A-game? Check out our Procapil Booster Mask here and the Procapil Hair Tonic here. 

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