The one product we know you’ll fall in LOVE with!

The BondiBoost HQ Team are officially obsessed with our brand new Pink Salt Scrub!

Honestly, our scalps have never felt cleaner or healthier. Free from flakes and product build-up, our scalp’s natural oils are restored and heads left feeling buffed and polished. Keep reading as we take you through the ins and outs of our new favourite product. 

What is the Pink Salt Scrub used for?

The BondiBoost Pink Salt Scrub is an exfoliator, but for your scalp! The fine granules in the scrub gently whisk away traces of product build-up, flakes and dead skin cells. What’s more, this scrub also aids in restoring balance to sensitive or oily scalps by unclogging pores, allowing for natural, healthy oil production to resume.

Who is the Pink Salt Scrub suitable for? 

Anyone! It’s the perfect detox treatment for #boostbabes suffering from dry, flake-prone scalps or are serial-product users. Basically, if you’ve got a scalp that could use a little extra TLC, this product is for you! 

What makes it so powerful? 

This bad boy is powered by Pink Himalayan Salt. Already hailed in the health industry for its wide array of mineral compounds, this rosy-hued ingredient is also extremely beneficial in treating dandruff. When rubbed on the scalp, it peels off the dead skin and makes your scalp clean and bright. It’s also stellar at absorbing oil from oily skin, therefore, preventing the formation of dandruff.

How do I use this scrub? 

Apply a tablespoon to wet hair and gently massage onto the scalp. The Pink Salt Scrub can be used as a shampoo or followed with a second cleanse using your usual shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and finish with a nourishing hair mask or conditioner. Use once a week for best results.

Last but not least, where do I buy this beauty? 

Say no more #boostbabe, we’ve got you covered. Just click HERE to shop the BondiBoost Pink Salt Scrub straight from our e-boutique. Enjoy!

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