Time To Tame! Let’s take control of your curly mane

This post is dedicated to all our curly-haired #boostbabes out there. While your fabulous, bouncy locks are a thing of great envy, we know they are a beast to tame and style. From always knotting to frizz central, sometimes it can feel like more of a curse than a blessing to grow your curly mane. Don’t be down; your hair is a thing of pure beauty and should be celebrated! So to help out our curly gal pals, we’ve nutted out our top tips for ladies with ringleted, kinky and curly hair. 

Don't shampoo every day and nourish with conditioner:
Shampoo’s leading role is to remove grease, dirt, and grime from your scalp and strands. But because curly hair tends to be a lot more porous than its alternatives, moisture is hard to maintain and in high demand. If you over-shampoo (everyday washers this applies to you), you are essentially robbing your curls of much-needed moisture. Our recommendation? Only shampoo when necessary (every three days or once a week) and use a minimal amount when you do. 

On the flip side, conditioner is a curly-haired ladies BFF! Due to those bouncy kinks and curls, the oils your hair thrive off (produced by your scalp), struggle to reach the ends of your strands. Compensating with high-quality conditioner will not only help your hair hydrate and retain moisture but will also aid the appearance of your curls and combat frizz. 

The excess moisture, found in conditioner’s oils, will help smooth the hair shaft and weigh it down. This combats frizz and gives perfect structure and movement to your ringlets/ curls. 
Go Sulphate-Free:
Again, this tip all relates to moisture, moisture, moisture. Sulphates are a prevalent ingredient found in conventional shampoo brands as they do an excellent job of removing grease and dirt from your scalp and hair. However, they do such a great job in removing these types of issues that they strip the hair of all other natural oil and nutrients, vital to hair health and growth. 

Seeing as we’ve already mentioned (above) that curly hair is drier and retains less moisture than other hair types, adding sulphates to the mix is a sucker-punch your weak curls don’t need. 

Opting for sulphate-free hair care products is not only useful if you’re looking to tame curly hair but fantastic for all hair types in general. The bad outweighs the good when talking about hair health and sulphates. These bad boys (literally) should be avoided as much as possible!
Comb conditioner through the hair in the shower:
Brushing and curly hair are usually an equation leading straight to frizz! But stay with us… there’s a method to our madness, we swear! 

Brushing curly hair when dry causes frizz because the curls are elongated and hair shafts disturbed. By brushing hair after applying conditioner, not only are you dispersing product thoroughly, you are also helping the curl’s structure.

The conditioner will battle through the often very knotty situation of your curls and will help define and smooth hair shafts. Once rinsed, your curls will remain knot-free and settled, with no need to dry-brush and cause frizz! 

Avoid excess rubbing with a towel to dry:
If year two science class taught us anything, it was that if you rub two objects together in a fast motion, you create friction. This word should raise alarm bells for our gal pals with curly manes because this almost certainly leads to frizz. And ladies, frizz is NOT. A. VIBE. 

If you’re #guiltyascharged of rubbing your hair dry with a towel, girlfriend, we feel the frizz from here! Invest in a microfibre towel or turban to reduce the need to shimmy, shimmy, shimmy with a towel. What's even better is that microfibre towels have been proven to cut drying time down by 50% - #booyah! 

Just remember; No rubbing = no friction = no frizz = one delighted, curly head!

Naturally style with a serum or cream:
Forget hot tools; your curls already do all the talking! In all seriousness though, heat styling isn’t necessary when blessed with a 'kinky do’, if you protect and care for your curls properly. Using a ‘curl-specific’ styling serum or cream in your hair every AM is a great solution to define curls, add moisture and eliminate frizz.

Aim to use creams formulated with highly nourishing and moisturising natural oils, like Shea Butter, Argan, and Coconut Oil. The scalp readily absorbs these miracle ingredients, offering a treasure chest full of nutrients and provide lightweight moisture without the greasy after-effects of their non-natural counterparts. 

Psst! If you’re in the market for a curly-hair overhaul, you’re in luck! We’ve got a complete curly haircare range. No need to worry about sulphates here, our all-natural products are always free from sulphate, parabens, and silicones! Go on be a #curlboss! 

Your curly hair will love.com our new microfibre Quickie Hair Turban too! 
Cutting down the need for excess rubbing, that little equation we taught you earlier is now as easy as ever to achieve! 


  • Melissa Parlato

    Hi I have a dry scalp and curly hair which product do you think would best thanks

  • Karen

    Hey there,
    If you have very fine curly hair and want to start using your product which one will be best? The Hair Growth bundle or Curly Boss bundle. Just trying to figure out which one to use.
    Thanks so much,

  • Karen

    Hey there,
    If you have very fine curly hair and want to start using your product which one will be best? The Hair Growth bundle or Curly Boss bundle. Just trying to figure out which one to use.
    Thanks so much,

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