What Is Hair Tonic + Why Do You Need It?

You’re all over the hair masks, your bathroom cabinet contains at least one heat protectant spray and you’re even down with hair oils – but what the beep is a hair tonic?!

Well, these clever potions were originally designed for men (your grandpa might even have used one back in the day to get his hair all shiny and glossy) but they’re making a serious comeback now. Read on for why hair tonics are being recognised again as an essential product for babes everywhere who’re after good hair days. 

A… What?!

Basically, a hair tonic is a leave-in hair formulation and addresses multiple hair concerns. It typically comes in a bottle or a spray (which makes life easier) and for best use, you apply it directly to the scalp and massage in gently 1-2 times per day. Your hair can be wet after your shower, or dry – it doesn’t matter.  

Who’s It For?

Do you have hair? More specifically, if you’re suffering from hair loss, itchy dry scalp issues, brittle strands or breakage, then a hair tonic might be your new go-to. Our Procapil Hair Tonic is also great for men (or women) who are experiencing a little thinning up top. It's formulated with 3% Procapil and is a cult favourite in the UK for thinning hair types. Haven't heard of Procapil? Procapil is a new breakthrough formula that anchors the hair follicle and helps prevents hair loss naturally. 

How Do Tonics Work?

The idea behind the science is that the health of your scalp is absolutely integral to the state of your hair – which makes perfect sense when you think about the skin on your scalp as the foundation from which your hair grows. And just like we need nice, hydrated nutrient-rich soil to keep our indoor plants alive, we need to make sure we ‘feed and water’ our scalp well. Once this is sorted, your hair will be healthier, stronger and lusher (and will hopefully grow a little faster, too!).

 What’s In It?

Yep, we love a good label check. First up, make sure any hair tonic you’re considering slathering on your scalp does not come with a side-serve of parabens, phthalates, sulphates or ethanolamines. In a nutshell, toxic chemicals like parabens are known skin irritants (cue an itchy, red scalp!) and linked to cancers while sulphates act to dehydrate your skin and hair (yep, precisely the opposite to the effect you’re after) – so it pays to steer clear.

As to what is inside the bottle of a damn fine hair tonic? You’ll find it packed with lots of natural scalp-loving goodness. Procapil combines vitaminated matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid to form 2 powerful functions that target the main areas of hair loss. You’ll also find saw palmetto extract and nettle leaf extract, both are known to support hair growth and keep your mane in tip-top conditioner. If you use a good quality hair tonic formulated with natural ingredients, it’ll also leave your hair smelling pretty damn nice (minus the synthetic nasties!), thanks to delish natural goodies like coconut oil and raspberry flavour. Yum!

But Does It ACTUALLY Work?

Don’t ask us, ask some of the babes who’ve tried our Hair Tonic recently!

“Omg! Leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and it smells absolutely beautiful.” – Tara 

“This smells amazing! Easy to use and nourishing to scalp. I definitely will keen using this both to protect and to prevent hair loss.” - Hairnatic

“Amazing smell and it’s very effective.” - Laura 

Yep, you get the gist. They love it!

Click this way to check out our range, including our clever little Procapil Hair Tonic.

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  • Alexia Savva

    Hiya just wondering what’s better, the hair growth spray or procapil tonic. My hair has become very thin at the front. Ive got the hug shampoo, conditioner and spray. Last year they made my hair grow beautifully. This summer I got a scalp condition which leg to major hair loss. Now, it’s cleared andim wondering if I need the tonic as well?

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