What’s Your Hair Type (And How Should You Care For It)?

Want to know one of the most underrated secrets to getting incredible hair? It’s finding out what your hair type is, so you know how to best care for it. Yep, just like you’d choose certain skincare routines if you have oily skin, and a different approach for dry skin, the same applies for your hair. Because it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach that’ll get your hair on her A-game! 

Now, obviously you can tell from looking in the mirror if your locks are curly or straight – but what many women aren’t so across is whether they have fine or coarse hair, and also whether it’s thick or thin. Many of us get confused over this distinction, because, well, aren’t fine and thin the same thing? Well, no. In fact, it’s entirely possible to have fine-thick hair, and equally, to have coarse-thin hair (yep, stay with us here!).  

So, because it can seem a little complicated to the non-trichologists among us, we’ve broken the different hair types down for you. Read on to assess where your own locks are at and learn how to best care for your hair type so you’ll be the envy of babes everywhere.

Fine Hair vs. Coarse Hair…

Now, we know you look fine – but what we’re talking about here relates to the diameter of your hair strands. A smaller diameter equals fine hair, while a larger diameter per strand can be found in those with coarse hair.

How to tell? Grab a piece of thread and place a strand of your hair next to it on a flat surface. If it’s thinner than the thread, your hair is fine. If it’s thicker, then you guessed it – you have coarse hair.

…And How To Care For It

If your hair is on the coarse side, you’ll find it looks its best when you integrate anti-frizz products (such as our Rapid Repair Serum) into your haircare routine.

If your hair is finer, you may notice it gets greasy easily, so choosing a shampoo formulated with gentle, cleaner ingredients and washing every couple of days will work wonders. Hot tip: if you are washing frequently to combat the oiliness that comes with fine hair, try just washing the roots every second wash, and leaving the ends with just a rinse.

Thin Hair vs. Thick Hair…

Now we’re talking about hair density – essentially, how much hair your have. While we were previously measuring the thickness of each individual hair strand, now we’re measuring the thickness of your mane as a whole. 

If you have super thin hair, you’ve probably noticed that you need to twist your hair tie around 36 times to stop it from falling out; similarly, if your hair is very thick, you may have an inkling already.

Most people, however, fall closer to the middle of the scale, so to find out? A simple test is to stand in front of a mirror and grab a handful of your hair. If you can easily see your scalp around the hair you’ve grabbed, your hair is thin, and if there isn’t any visible scalp, your hair is on the thick side.

…And How To Care For It

Those with thick hair will benefit from using smoothing products to keep their look sleek and under control. You may also rely on heat styling to avoid disappearing under your voluminous mane – in which case, we’re not going to tell you to stop (let’s be real!) but we will recommend applying a Heat Protectant Spray to prevent damage and keep your hair nice and hydrated.

And if your hair is thin? There are a number of clever products on the market that will prevent further thinning and keep your locks looking in tip-top shape. First up, invest in a specially formulated Hair Growth Shampoo + Conditioner with Rosemary and Peppermint which will help cleanse and fortify for maximum growth potential, while also reducing helping with breakage. Many thin-haired babes swear by our Intensive Growth Spray as their kryptonite in a bottle, too (shhh).

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  • Louise Jackett

    Hi, I loved this post! (But I think you might have meant to say dynamite rather than kryptonite :-o The latter deprives superman of his powers but your Intensive Growth Spray is definitely GIVING my hair SUPERPOWER!!!)

  • claire johnsen

    which of your products can i use in my human hair exstensions

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