Breaking Bad Haircare Habits

Haircare slip-ups happen, but they’re not doing your strands any favours when it comes to healthy hair growth. Let’s chat about the top hair no-no's and fab solutions to keep your locks luscious.  

Messy Hair

Guilty as Charged: Overusing Heat on Your Hair

You love styling with your straightener and curling iron, but the heat? It’s not so friendly on your hair without protection.  

Solution: Our award-winning Heat Protect Spray is a lightweight, non-sticky mist that safeguards your strands against hot tool-induced damage. Use this for guilt-free styling!

heat spray with model

Oopsie: Ignoring Damaged Strands 

Sometimes, we look away when we see split ends and damage, but guess what? It’s time to take your hair’s health into your hands (and we’re here to help!) 

Solution: Our Rapid Repair Serum is CLINICALLY PROVEN TO IMPROVE SPLIT ENDS BY 86% AFTER JUST ONE USE*!!! And yes, we needed to say that loudly and proudly.  

Rapid Repair Serum

That One Week...:Skipping Deep Conditioning Treatments

Applying a hair mask isn’t just a self-care moment. It’s a weekly must-have for nourished, conditioned strands.  

Solution: Our Miracle Mask is a holy grail for longer, stronger, healthier-looking hair. Formulated with nutritious oils and superfood quinoa, it leaves your strands ultra-hydrated without weighing them down.  

Miracle Mask Model Shoy

Whoops: Rough Brushing 

Pulling and tugging at tangles? Your hair is saying, “Please, no!” 

Solution: Slide our Detangle Paddle Brush through your strands. No more ouchies, just smooth, detangled hair. Chef’s kiss!  

Detangle Paddle Brush

Zzz...Wrong Pillow!

Are you tossing, turning, and waking up with a frizzy bedhead? Your cotton pillowcase might be the culprit.  

Solution: Upgrade to a Satin Pillowcase and say hello to frizz-free, shiny strands.  

Satin Pillowcases

Not Today: Ignoring Hair Fall 

Losing more hair strands than you’d like? In addition to checking in with a health and haircare specialist, it may be time to upgrade your at-home haircare routine.  

Solution: Our best-selling Procapil Hair Tonic targets ageing hair follicles at the root with the well-known powers of 3% Procapil® and Green Coffee to snap ageing hair follicles out of their slump. We can’t promise instant results, but we can say the results are REAL.   

Dry Days: Neglecting Moisture

Ever feel like your hair’s walking through the Sahara? It’s time to quench your thirsty strands. 

Solution: Our NEW Heavenly Hydration Serum is a lightweight leave-in that seals your strands with essential fatty acids and healthy oils for deeply hydrated, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

Hydration Serum with model

The Blow Dry Blunder: Drying in Distress

Blow drying doesn’t need to be a workout session where you’re juggling a brush and hairdryer.  

Solution: Our Blowout Brush is the secret weapon to effortless blowouts. Dry, style, and volumise with this single tool!  

We’re firm believers that it’s never too late to change bad haircare habits. And with a bit of help from BondiBoost, we promise – better hair days are ahead. 

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*Based on an invitro study with hair tresses 

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