Style School: 4 ways to style your hair using our Infrared Bounce Brush

Have you gotten your pretty little hands on our new Infrared Bounce Brush yet? If you haven’t read all about its many hair health benefits, head over and check out this fab explainer about its Infrared Heat Technology. Trust us when we say you’ll be srsly impressed!

Hair styles

If you’ve already got one ready to go (yay, you!), we’ve got all the intel you need to get the most out of your new hair styling tool. The Infrared Bounce Brush can do more than just give you shiny, 90s blowouts (although we’ll provide you all the secrets to those here, too). It’s great for giving root lift, gorgeous soft waves and extending the life of previous-day styles. 

The Perfect ‘90s Blowout

Start with dry hair – FYI, when using the Infrared Bounce Brush, you should always start with dry hair! Wrap sections of hair over the brush and slowly glide down to your ends, curling inwards. This will give a true ‘90s blowout finish with extra volume and swishiness!

90s blowout

Seriously Impressive Root Lift

Sick of your roots giving absolutely nothing while the rest of your look is fire? Use your Infrared Bounce Brush to add extra oomph to all styles. Just tuck the brush under sectioned segments, pull up slightly, then hold for 10-15 seconds before gently releasing. Brush up and out to the ends for blowouts, or just brush up and out to mid-lengths if you want to keep curls intact.

impressive root lift

Soft Mermaid Waves

Want hair that moves like water? Yes, please! For soft, flowing waves to rival The Little Mermaid’s, wrap each section of hair around your Infrared Bounce Brush at a 45-degree angle and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then, slowly unravel while also twisting the section to encourage the wave. To finish, brush the section from underneath to add extra volume.

Hair styled

Styles That Last And Last

It’s Hump Day, and you’re defs running late for work – again. Instead of opting for a claw clip to hide the slept-on style you can’t deal with, use your Infrared Bounce Brush to refresh strands quickly. Section hair and tuck the heated brush under the roots, then slowly pull through to the ends. You can also twist hair around the brush from mid-lengths and hold it for 10-15 seconds to add those Matilda Djerf-style flicks and straighten out any kinks, quick smart.

Matilda Djerf-style flicks

Get to know our new Infrared Bounce Brush here, btw!

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