We’re Taking You To A Day At The Beach In Australia

Whether you’re an Aussie reading this who’s mourning the end of summer (sob) or on the other side of the globe gearing up for long, sunny days and warm nights, we figured everyone can benefit from being transported to a lush, Aussie beach on a hot day.

Picture this: You’ve laid out your beach towel and hoisted a sunsafe umbrella. Waves are lapping the shoreline, glittering under the midday sun. As your cone melts in the heat, you’re licking strawberry (or chocolate! Or vanilla!) ice cream off your fingers. Doesn’t matter, though – you’re about to jump into those crystal blue waters and cool off, anyway. Later, you’ll take your salty beach locks to the nearest cocktail bar, showing off those mermaid waves.

If you wanna stay in that headspace all year long, you should pick up our Limited Edition Heat Protect Spray. It’s got everything you love about the OG, including heat protection up to 450°F/230°C*, plus it’s clinically proven to improve split ends by 86% after 1 use*. But this here-for-a-short-time babe also features a lush coastal coconut fragrance! Spritz your way to a summer-scented dream while protecting your hair from heat damage. It’s a no-brainer.

Keen? Check out the Limited Edition Heat Protect Spray here - but hurry, it’s not gonna last forever (just like summer).

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