Why Our Subscriptions Are Totally Gonna Save Your Hair (And Wallet!)

Are you lusting after real, can-actually-see-it hair results? Waiting for longer, stronger hair can be a drag, and while we’re proud to have a long list of products that’ll give you some immediate results (like brilliant shine and touchable softness), there are some hair goals that simply take time to really get going—things like growth, elasticity, and vibrance, y’know?

That’s why we’re pretty passionate about our subscription service. See, you need consistency to kick hair goals for real, and the subscription service is all about it. Here’s what’s to love about signing up.

It Makes Loving Your Hair Easy

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of your shampoo and squeezing the last droplets out or scraping the corners of your mask tub, hoping to get enough product for one more wash. Instead of getting stuck on empty, subscribing means fresh new products arriving right when you need them to, so you’re never caught out. You can leave your hair goal chasing to us, basically.

It Keeps You On Track

Yep, you’ve gotta keep up the good work when it comes to haircare if you wanna see great results. That’s another reason why committing to a subscription service is the best. You’ll be washing and treating your hair during your Everything Shower with the same products, letting them really get to work so you see results quick smart.

It Saves You $$$

Instead of buying products in single orders, signing up to our subscription service scores you great deals on your product bundles. Over time, you’ll save loads of cash (and have amazing hair to show for it).

Interested? Check out our subscription service here.

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