Seasonal Haircare: What It Is, And How To Master It

Brrr! It’s cold in here! As the weather cools down, you might be noticing that your hair is, well, misbehaving. Not in a fun, escape-to-Eurosummer way. More in the having-a-complete-meltdown sense. We’re talking dryness, flaky scalp, the works. Ugh! And you just sorted out that perfect hair routine through summer.

Welcome to the concept of Seasonal Haircare. Basically, your scalp and strands need different types of TLC as the weather cools down (or heats up). It’s partially a weather problem, partially a lifestyle one. Here are a few things that can seriously affect those hair goals as the weather gets chilly.

Cold Air To Warm Air

Just like your skin, your hair and strands can be affected by exposure to heat and cold. During winter, we tend to go from chilly, dry outdoor air into hot, artificial indoor air. That is obvs going to get a bit chaotic for your scalp and strands. If you’re noticing a dry, flaky scalp and dry, brittle ends, it could be because of these shifts. Treat your scalp to nourishing Aloe-based products (ahem, all of the BondiBoost collection!) and a weekly mask, like our Heavenly Hydration Mask. For strands, add some extra nourishment and damage control with our Rapid Repair Serum.


    Speaking of that cold outdoor air, it’s usually a lot drier than in summer. Ever noticed you get zapped with static a lot more during winter? That staticky air can also lead to more frizz and flyaways. You can fight it by keeping your hair super nourished with hydrating products and with plenty of style prep, like using our Frizz Fix Serum on damp hair and Prep and Protect Primer before styling. These will help seal the hair cuticle, locking in your style. For a quick fix, pop our Flyaway Wand in your purse!

    Dry Conditions

    That dry air can also strip moisture from strands, so switching out your usual shampoo and conditioner for something hydrating can make a huge difference. Our Heavenly Hydration Duo will have you covered on that front, but if you’re already dealing with snapped strands and broken ends, incorporating our Rapid Repair Mask into your washing routine weekly will make a world of difference, bringing hair back from the brink.

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