Why Your Hair Routine Should Be Like Going To The Gym

Have you heard of the “hair gym”? It sounds weird, but the concept is actually pretty simple. To get max results, you have to put in work—consistent, dedicated work. Just like you don’t get abs after one crunch, you won’t see healthier strands after one wash. 

Hair Gym

A hair gym is basically a routine you stick to. Same products, regular use, and commitment. The BondiBoost HG System is perfect for a hair gym routine. It’s specifically developed for hair that just doesn’t seem to grow and is jam-packed with scalp and hair-loving ingredients Rosemary, Saw Palmetto and Nettle Leaf to stimulate, nourish and soothe the scalp, prevent breakage and boost hair elasticity. It has everything you need to make your hair goals a reality so you can be well on your way to longer, stronger, healthier-looking hair.

But we’re not about one-night stands when it comes to the HG system. Long-term commitment is our vibe, and you’ll see the incred results other fans have experienced if you lock down its love. Results likeeee… 86% less fallout due to breakage after 1 month of use. 6.9 times stronger hair, too*.

Looking to rocket toward those hair goals? Follow our tried and tested routine, and you’ll soar past them.

​​MON​ - Get To Work Day: Wash with HG Shampoo and Conditioner, and apply Intensive Spray in the AM and Procapil Tonic in the PM.

HG Shampoo + Conditioner

TUES​ - Low Maintenance Day: Spritz Intensive Spray before you run out the door, then Procapil Tonic before zzzz’s.

WED​ - Rinse And Repeat Day: Wash with HG Shampoo and Conditioner, and apply Intensive Spray in the AM and Procapil in the PM.

Intensive Spray

THU​ - Pre-Weekend Pump Up Day: Don’t slow down! Apply Intensive Spray in the AM, then Procapil Tonic before bed.

FRI – Heat Style Day​: Apply Intensive Spray in the AM, then use our Heat Protect Spray before grabbing the heat tools! Need a root boost? Pop some Hair Growth Dry Shampoo into your roots.

Dry Shampoo

SAT – Chillout Day​: Have a no-stress Saturday; apply Intensive Spray in the AM, then Procapil Tonic in the PM.

SUN – Everything Shower Day​: Who doesn’t love a TLC Sunday! Wash with HG Shampoo, apply Miracle Mask, then let it soak in for 10 minutes. Use Intensive Spray in the AM and Procapil Tonic in the PM.

Miracle Mask

Now, rinse and repeat! You’ll be seeing those oh-my-god results in no time, babe.

*Based on a dry combing analysis using bleached hair tresses using HG Shampoo, HG Conditioner, and HG Intensive Spray

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