5 Fab Ways To Style Your Hair This Galentine’s Day

We’re in our Galentine’s Day era! While we’ll always have a soft spot for the fuzzy-cute love vibes of Valentine’s Day, celebrating with the girls never fails to lift the spirits. Invented by the writers of Parks & Recreation, the friendship-focused day lands each year on February 13th, and it’s so popular now that even Michelle Obama celebrates it!

What is Galentine’s Day? It’s kinda like a way for single ladies and romanced-up gals alike to enjoy the cuteness of a holiday about love. You just gather your pals together and treat yourselves! Throw a grown-up sleepover, head out to a fancy dinner or just hit the movies. Whatever you do, the energy should be about celebrating the important people in your life and making them feel spesh.

Obviously, you need amazing hair for this – that’s where we come in. These are our fave styles to whip out for Galentine’s Day this year (and the tools to get you there).

  • Slay It With Sleek
  • A glossy, poker-straight finish? We love! Nail it with our Aloe Infused Flat Iron, which will give you that sleek finish while also boosting shine and fighting frizz, thanks to aloe-infused ceramic plates. Then, get your gloss on with the Super Shine + Strength Oil, which not only gives a high-wattage finish but will also replenish strands’ lipid content and fight free radical damage. 

    Aloe Flat Iron

  • Wave Goodbye To Players
  • Galentine’s Day is a player-free zone, so wave those “u up?” texts away with our Wave Wands and a little texture spray for hair that’ll only attract the good energy into your life. The Wave Wand (32mm) will give you plenty of volume and relaxed, post-beach feels, while the Wave Wand (25mm) is everything you need for pure mermaid hair and is also great for adding definition to shorter cuts. Then, mist some Texture Spray into roots and mid-lengths to mess it up in a sexy, just-rolled-outta-bed way. 

    Wave wand

  • Be A ‘90s Rom-Com Star
  • The ‘90s had the best rom-coms, and now you can nail their iconic hair looks! Use our new Infrared Bounce Brush to get the best bouncy blowout by sectioning hair and placing the brush under the roots. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then slowly glide through the hair, curling under at the ends. Finish with a spritz of Root Boost Volume Powder to hold that oomph in place.

    bouncy hair

  • Look Slicker Than A Pick-Up Line
  • A slick, gelled bun is always a winner if you’re stuck for hair ideas but wanna amp up the glam! Create one with a stronghold and a no-flyaway finish using our Smooth + Set Styling Gel on your roots, brushing through to mid-lengths before securing your low bun. 

    Styling cream

  • Reach New Heights Of (Friendship) Love
  • In our opinion, the higher the ponytail, the better. Make yours big, bouncy and seriously cute with our Blowout Brush (51mm). Start with our Prep + Protect Hair Primer to keep strands in check, then blow dry hair, focusing on giving ends a bouncy curl. Then, brush up toward your crown and secure in place with a thin hair tie before taking a section of the ponytail and wrapping it around the tie to conceal, pinning it into place with a bobby pin to finish.

    Blowout brush

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