Aloe Vera: Your Hair's Favorite Plant (and the Plant of Immortality)

Remember that time you fell asleep on the beach? And then you sizzled your skin in the sun? You probably used Aloe vera to help soothe your skin. That cool green gel also reduced your skin’s healing time, according to

Turns out, this succulent with the gloopy green substance inside each of its thick, spiky leaves is quite the busy botanical when it comes to enriching human wellness. It’s overflowing with good health helpers—enzymes, aminos, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and more. Drinking Aloe vera juice is shown to lower oxidative stress in the body – who couldn’t use a little less stress?

And, fun fact, Aloe vera doesn’t really need soil to grow. Give it a couple of rocks and a decent amount of water and it can thrive indefinitely. In fact, for centuries, the Egyptians have called Aloe vera “the plant of immortality”— and for good reason. Very few other botanicals offer as many beauty and health benefits. Cleopatra smoothed Aloe vera over her face to keep her skin silky soft. Alexander The Great used Aloe treat soldiers’ injuries. And Christopher Columbus used it to treat his salt-sprayed, sun-exposed skin conditions.

That’s nice. But What’s It Got To Do With Me?
Is your hair thinner than you’d like? Frizzy? Weak? Regrettably damaged? Dandruff like a mini snowstorm? Aloe vera is known for its rejuvenating power. It swaths your hair problems in its natural, beneficial nutrients. It’s been shown to bind moisture to the skin and to stimulate production factors of collagen and elastin fibers. It also has softening properties.
That’s why Aloe vera is the #1 ingredient in practically all BondiBoost products. A lot of other hair care products say they have Aloe in them. But typically, they only contain trace amounts of Aloe and are mostly made of water.

BondiBoost uses Aloe vera as the first ingredient because, simply put, it has the right stuff. For instance, if you are experiencing hair loss Aloe vera’s got you. It’s made up of proteolytic enzymes that break down dead skin cells—the ones that never know when to let go. These enzymes unclog your delicate scalp follicles, clearing the way so new hair can come through and flourish.


Or maybe your hair is flyaway and frizzy, and you think you’re just genetically unfortunate. No, actually that’s simply your poor, voiceless hair trying to scream “HELP! I’m dying of thirst!” So BondiBoost has created Aloe vera-rich hydration solutions for that too.

All Natural, Naturally.

BondiBoost has a simple philosophy. Aloe vera grows locally in Bondi Beach, Australia. That’s why you’ll find it at the core of our products. This precious green gel is blended into products that are carefully formulated to be cruelty free, with no parabens, sulphates, or silicone—ever.

After more than five centuries of people recommending aloe for its many hydrating and soothing benefits, there are now countless formal clinical studies extolling Aloe’s vast array of virtues.

Apparently, Cleopatra was really on to something.


  • Lynda Perry

    My curly/frizzy hair has never felt better and I love that there are no nasties in the products.
    You have every right to brag about your ‘hero’ ingredient because it’s gold.

  • Shannon Stamler

    Never before babe I seen a company talk so much about it’s hero ingredient. Most hide it like a company secret. So happy to be using products made from natural ingredients and not chemicals that just mask hair problems.

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